Android’s Continuing Their Sweet Tooth Binge with ‘Oreo”, Their Newest Android 8.0 Update

Android has made a name for themselves as being the more fun company, in the race against their formidable opponent, the Apple Inc. iPhone; and by golly, does their most recent tease display their fun and interactive side. On many locations online, it has been leaked that the next Android update, Android 8.0, is on its way, and it’s named after the delicious Oreo!

A Past of Curiously Clever Titles

Android has enjoyed a history of naming their updates after delectable desserts, rather than using the 1, 2, 2s, 3 pattern of many other companies. Not only does it keep the consumers connected, but also eagerly awaiting the next rousing update to their favorite system.

In the past the company has followed an alphabetical pattern: utilizing the names of Cupcake, Jellybean, and—their most recent—Nougat to label their preceding updates.

And with the leaked photo of the Android mascot bot in Oreo form, fans are pointing their suspicions at the famous, after school, dunkable snack as the next update name.

Details on Android 8.0Google-Releases-Hilarious-Android-5-0-Teaser-Makes-Fun-of-Possible-Names-462127-2

Android has been keeping the details of their latest update under wraps for a long while, and many people are overly excited to see what they shell out within the coming year with Android 8.0. It is rather certain amongst the enthusiasts that the update will debut sometime in May of 2017, specific speculation states the 17th of May.

This newest edition and upgrade is said to include many features longed for since the beginning, as well as, new and exciting features as well. Some of these include the addition of easier copy and paste, opening addresses directly through Google Maps, and improved upon gesture translation.

Overall, everyone is anticipating the drop of this new feature. But, all Android users should keep in mind that the update will be progressive. Not all users will be given the update upon its release. As per usual, it will be sent out to a few for feedback; and, then it will be openly distributed to all Android phone orio

Hobbyist Speculation

Many reviewers and Android enthusiasts have made a living for themselves by predicting what comes next out of the Android company. One in particular, Hiroshi Lockheimer, makes a name for himself by posting articles and guessed to the next update’s dessert name through twitter.

He is entirely certain that this next update will be named after the classic “Oreo”; however, his fans are stuck in between fences. Oreos seems like the most logical choice, but Lockheimer has guessed wrong in the past. Will he make the grade this time? Skeptics like to think so!

The Fan-filled Response

With all these speculation and rumor spreading, the fans of the Android community has gotten excitedly riled up! Across various forms of social media, ecstatic consumers are sharing their hope and happy thoughts about Android’s newest update name.

Not only are they expecting a phenomenal update with the upcoming Android 8.0 release, but a delicious and easily consumable campaign to come along with it.

Upcoming Awaiting Announcement

Though much of these are only mere rumors as of yet, the official name announcement is just around the corner.

It is still possible for the name to be some other sweet treat; much like when Lockheimer predicted with great confidence that the ‘N’ update would be named “Nutella”—when it turned out to be “Nougat”. But by the look of the promotional photos released by Android, the system lovers are expecting a sweet new update that tastes perfect with or without a warm glass of milk.