10+ Top 6GB RAM Smartphones – 2016

RAM is simply the acronym of random access memory. Informatively, this is the part of a computer where programs or applications and the operating system are stored and accessed. It is the section where the processor can accessibly reach and achieve its functionality amicably in order to execute your commands as you hit them up. The higher the RAM the faster and more efficient your device will perform. Well that is mostly focused in computers, how about your phone? In most cases you would wish to possess a very efficient phone, that would never make a point of disappointing you when using it. I will be discussing some of the most common and most essentially, premium 6 GB smartphones in the market 2016.

Oftentimes, 2 GB or 3 GB smartphones tend to be quite a number in the recent market. Many of the recently unleashed smartphones fall in the 2-3GB range of RAM capacity. I think they do a good job in functionality but cannot be compared to higher RAM capacity phones. Leaving alone the 3GB phones, there is a higher level which is the 4GB smartphones. Some of the commonly known 4GB phones are the likes of Samsung galaxy S7, Xiaomi Mi5, LG G5, OnePlus 2 amongst other devices.

Best 6GB RAM Android Smartphones

Eminently, some applications are heavily programmed and therefore need a larger memory to run efficiently and effectively. Such applications can most probably cause a 4GB or other lower devices to freeze! Moreover, they might not work as expected. If you don’t get the kind of satisfaction that you need from the 4GB or lower devices, 6GB and a Snapdragon 820 processor might be the best for you! You might as well be looking for that unforgettable and pleasant gaming experience and a premium phone functionality. The best thing that you would appreciate with a 6GB RAM phone, featuring a Snapdragon 820 processor, is that they would efficiently run most applications without freeze.

Currently, countable smartphones boast a 6 Gigabyte Random Access Memory and a high end Snapdragon processor. I think more similar phones are yet to be unleashed by companies like Samsung, Sony, Asus, Xiaomi and LG. Somebody once said, the early bird catches the warm! No! He did not miss out his point at all. Below is a list of already launched list of cheap and top notch 6 Gigabyte phones featuring powerful Qualcomm 820 android processors.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plusxiaomi-mi-5s-plus-6gb-ram

This is the company’s newest fish, which proudly features a 6GB RAM capacity. Nevertheless, the company brags being the pioneers of a larger memory featuring a 6GB random access memory. Majorly that would be a reason to first bring it to your attention. You are anticipating for that large screen display that would allow you to watch videos and so quite a number of things on the web with a better view, therefore giving you a spectacular watching experience.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus boasts a massively large 5.7-inch display size, featuring a high end display of 1920 x 1080 pixels of a screen resolution. Watching High Definition videos would not be a problem with this toy. You will enjoy every detail of your Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus device. Its high performance is engineered by a flawless 2.35GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 821 64-bit kind of a processor, which enhances its efficiency in functionality. You cannot miss to know the type of platform. Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus operates on a 6.0 Marshmallow Android platform, with MIUI 8. It has a multi sim support of up to 2 sim cards in total that being a Nano + Nano compatibility.

Talk about making memories with Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus. It prides a 13 Megapixel primary camera that captures every detail of your best memories in just a single shot. This happens all times! It is accompanied with a brilliant multi-functional LED flash that enables you to capture your memories even with no natural light. You cannot miss out on selfies with loved ones too. It has a 4 Megapixel secondary camera. Capturing such impressive pictures with no storage is useless. The company completes the package with a mega 128GB storage for your videos, pictures and essentially, your important documents. Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus has top notch connectivity namely a Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band, a 4G VoLTE and a 4.2 Bluetooth for file sending amongst other features.

OnePlus 3oneplus-3-6gb-ram-smartphone

Coming with a stylish design, the Chinese made smartphone boasts sophisticated features with a very affordable price relative to its features. The company has unleashed this newfangled device with stunning features for example the curved stylish gorilla glass with an awesome design amongst other features to be discussed.

OnePlus 3 attributes a full high definition optic AMOLED display for brilliant picture and content experience. It has a worthwhile 5.5-inch screen display for a good video view. You can conveniently watch your favorite videos on this huge display and probably come out with a repetitive urge to watch it more and more. Well a huge screen display with a low resolution leaves everything hanging. The 1920 x 1080 Megapixel display makes everything about display far much complete. You can view even the smallest detail of your phone display content.

Talk of the efficiency and workability. OnePlus 3 comes with a highly fledged 6GB RAM giving it a performance advantage which is completed by a 2.15GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 820 64-bit processors integrated with Adreno 530 GPU on a 6.0.1 Marshmallow Android Platform with Oxygen Operating system.

Capturing crystal clear pictures is a 16-mega pixel primary camera and very epic selfies using the 8-mega pixel front facing camera, giving you clear and great pictures for memory.

Enjoy the privacy privilege of the fingerprint sensor enabled smartphone and a long lasting battery life with a 3000mAh battery coming with a Dash Charge ability.

Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxeasus-zenfone-6g-ram

Deluxe as the name suggests, Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe, comes with an excellent 6GB RAM with high performance both for very sophisticated applications and games as well. Having been launched after the Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 3 Ultra, it trademarks a 6GB RAM powered by a powerful Snapdragon 820 chipset that emphasizes the high Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe performance completed by an Adreno 530 GPU.

With a worthwhile display size of 5.7-inches it attributes a full high definition Super AMOLED display with a well serviced resolution. Perfectly fine for watching best of best clips on a clean and awesome display.

Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe comes with a top rated 23 mega pixel camera capturing your besties to the tinniest detail which is finished up by the huge classic display summing up to deliver a stunning picture experience. Apart from the primary 23 mega pixel camera, Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe features a secondary camera summed to 8 mega pixel picture quality. The company gives a great finishing to the high picture quality with a huge internal storage of 64/128/256GB.

Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe has a fingerprint sensor for the user’s privacy and in addition a hybrid dual SIM and long battery life with a battery of up to 3000mAh fledged with a Qualcomm Quick Charge capability.

ZTE Nubia Z11zte-nubia-large-ram-phone

Well placed is this 6GB RAM serviced smartphone, being the second 6GB RAM from the company after the ZTE Axon 7. Now we have the ZTE Nubia Z11 launched in the market and the earlier ZTE Axon 7 selling exclusively for Chinese markets.

Likewise, to the other mentioned devices, ZTE Nubia Z11 features a large screen display ideal for watching favorite video clips, movies and taking pictures. This is made possible by a fully high definition feature on a gorilla glass 3 protected screen. It is additionally, multi-touch enabled.

ZTE Nubia Z11 runs on a 6.0.1 marshmallow Android Platform with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. It as well features an efficient qua-core processor that is two 2.15GHz Kryo and another two 1.6GHz Kryo processor powered by Adreno 530 GPU.

A primary 16 mega pixel camera with a 2.0 phase detection autofocus, and a dual tone flash quality and a secondary camera of 8 mega pixel for great selfies. The crystal clear camera is well complimented by a large storage space of 64GB to store the memories and applications as well.

High security enhanced by a very fast fingerprint scanner enables you to have a tight security against unauthorized people using you device. It also prides a great connectivity not leaving out a dual band for Wi-Fi connections. It has a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3000mAh.

Vivo Xplay 5 Elitevivo-6gb-ram-phones

Vivo Xplay 5 Elite has an outstanding design with a nicely curved screen which makes the phone to come out so stylish and classy. Featured as one of the best 6GB RAM smartphones, it is eminently one amongst the first 6GB RAM smartphones released globally. Vivo Xplay 5 Elite features extra ordinary features amongst the outstanding stylish design and a dual SIM feature.

They display has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, with a display size of 5.43 mega pixels. It is as well not bad device for a video watch as compared to other 6GB RAM smartphones. It prides a very high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, with a 541 ppi pixel density hence delivering a perfectly clear display for its contents. Bracketing everything up, is the multi touch feature.

Vivo Xplay 5 Elite runs on a 5.1 Android lollipop platform with a high end Qualcomm snapdragon 820 chipset with 4 processors namely two 2.15GHz Kryo processors and two other 1.6GHz Kryo powered by Adreno 530 GPU. Not obviously forgetting the high performing 6GB RAM and a ROM of 128GB for application and data storage.

Speaking of a phone without mentioning the camera features makes everything incomplete. Vivo Xplay 5 Elite has a 16 mega pixel back camera and another 8 mega pixel front facing camera. The primary camera has a variety of features including geo tagging, touch focus, panorama and HDR among other great features.

Amongst other brilliant features, are the Wi-Fi direct, hotspot, and Bluetooth. It also has a non-removable battery of a 3600mAh capacity.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Prolenovo-zuk-big-ram-phone

Being the latest smartphone to be launched after ZUK Z1, it as well come with a ram of 6GB working together with the efficiency of a bold snapdragon 820 chipset power. Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro is selling at an advantage of its low price relative to its spectacular qualities. It is actually one of the greatest phones with a Random Access Memory of 6GB that sell below 500$.

Picking on the display size of the screen, it has quite a big screen summing up to 5.2-inches ideal for gaming and watching. The huge screen is complemented by a high definition feature, having a clear resolution of 1080p having a super AMOLED 2.5D curved stylish screen with a narrow bezel on its side.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro is sophisticatedly equipped with an Android 6.0 marshmallow. As earlier said, it has a highly performing RAM of 6GB, giving it all the privileges to fall on this rank. The 6GB RAM enables the phone to smoothly maneuver through sophisticated programs with less or completely no freezes.

The phone has a spectacular connectivity ability featuring a 4G LTE with VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 and a 3.1 and a type c port.

Having sleek dimensions of 145.4 x 70.5 x 7.45mm it prides a very powerful rear camera of 13 mega pixels and a secondary camera of 8 mega pixels to capture real time photos. Everything blends in including the LED flash and a worthwhile hybrid phase detection auto focus.

Enjoy the privacy that accompanies the lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro with a tight security of a fingerprint scanner, which is 99.7 % accurate in reading ones fingerprints.it as well has a powerful battery for long usage with a quick charge ability from the Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 technology.

Le Eco Max 2leeco-large-ram-phone

This is a newbie phone still coming up in the smartphone market. The company has unleashed a phone worth class and affordability altogether. This company has gone an extra mile to launch their LeTv and the great le Max smartphones. In addition, it proudly has managed to become India’s best-selling 4G smartphone company.

In a recap of its specifications, it features a very sleek design with 156.8 x 77.6 x 7.99mm in size. It has a huge display of 5.7-inches and a top rated resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels hence having a high definition writings and pictures as well in the display.

It has a very powerful camera of 21 mega pixels at the back capturing the tiniest detail of a shot, complemented by the HD resolution making it get a very high rank. Not leaving out the epic selfies. It prides an 8 mega pixel front facing camera that I think would rarely fail you in your moment of capture.

Operating on an Android Marshmallow operating system, it is running by a 6GB RAM that oversees the high phone performance from handling sophisticated applications to working out with a lot of background apps.

Amongst other features for instance an infrared sensor, Le eco max 2 has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which does not leave you insecure of your data. It keeps off unauthorized people from handling your phone without permission.

ZTE Axon 7zte-axon-7-big-ram

Are you looking for that fast smartphone that you would enjoy high quality sound when listening to your favorite music or watching your best movies and documentaries as well? ZTE Axon 7 is a great decision for you. It comes with very premium sounding with HiFi audio, giving the highest quality sound.

ZTE Axon 7 take real time still images using its 20 mega pixel back camera with Samsung ISO cell sensors, a sapphire lens and most essential is the powerful dual LED flash. ZTE Axon 7 also has secondary 8 mega pixel camera.

The phone captures very high definition videos, technically referred to as ultra-high definition videos. It delivers both 1080p and 720p full high definition videos.

When it comes to performance, ZTE Axon 7 might rarely disappoint you. It prides 2.15GHZ quad-core Qualcomm snapdragon 820 integrated with a Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU. It has a 64-bit computing ability and operates on an Android 6.0 marshmallow operating system with a 6GB RAM.

With a fingerprint scanner for security, ZTE Axon 7 also features a much higher battery life of up to 3250mAh with a quick charge ability.

Vernee Apollovernee-apollo-6gb-ram

Amongst the few listed 6GB smartphones, Vernee Apollo is the last but not least. Vernee Apollo uses a robust processor set up. It operates with a Deca-Core Helio X20 processor integrated with Mali-T880 MP4 GPU.

It has a reasonably large display size with a 2560 x 1440 pixel quad HD force touch display that ensures you have a onetime kind of experience in smartphone display and entertainment as well. It has a capability to show very high definition images due to the real time kind of resolution.

Enjoy taking spectacular still images using the 21 mega pixel rear camera which has a dual tone LED flash with a Sony IMX230 sensor. They all work together to deliver the best quality still pictures. On the other hand, the front facing cameras features an 8 mega pixel picture density for great selfies with loved ones.

I don’t think it fails in it performance either. It falls in the category of 6GB RAM smartphones with an Android 6.0 marshmallow operating system. Nevertheless, it uses a Deca-Core Helio X20 processor working hand in hand with Mali-T880 MP4 GPU.

It also proudly attributes a fingerprint sensor, great connectivity with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 and a Bluetooth 4.1 with a USB Type C.

Summarily, the above mentioned smartphones are some of the best 6GB RAM smartphones that tend to shine in the market 2016. Carefully go through the specifications and know exactly which device works best for you to avoid having regrets after purchasing a wrong product.