Why Are Consumers and Patrons Heavily Concerned with Xiaomi’s Newest SoC, “Pinecone?”

Xiaomi’s newest SoC (System on a Chip) for the newest released model update for the Android has got fans and consumers a little weary for sore eyes. And here we plan to tell you those concerns, along with the facts, so that you can access the product for yourself.

What Exactly is a System on a Chip?

For those who may not know, a System on a Chip, commonly abbreviated as SoC, is a microchip utilized inside or outside a smartphone in order to emulate all the necessary electronic circuits and mechanical parts of that given system. They are around the size of a cuff link or cuff button and are used by many people trying to match a smartphone or laptop computer.

The latest SoC announced for release by Xiaomi is the “Pinecone,” a SoC Android emulator that is supposed to be a replication of the latest Android 7.6 format. However, some customers are starting to share their concerns, the same as the ones listed below.

Main Concerns by the Consumers

  • Performance

The “Pinecone” SoC seems to take up a lot of space and memory. So, many patrons are concerned as to if the product will be able to function at a high speed level, which suits the needs of those who purchase it.

  • Camera Utilization

Will the camera’s use be blurred and overcomplicated with this update? That is another main concern with the “Pinecone,” as it has stated to make many changed to the Android camera interface during utilization.

  • Power Consumption

Exactly how much power and battery life the “Pinecone” will take up while in use, is a major concern for many because if it doesn’t work very long, there seems to be less of a need to purchase it.

  • Connectivity

Will the “Pinecone” SoC allow for easy connectivity? Many in the past have had a few issues with Xiaomi’s SoCs connecting well with their pairing products, so they hope this issue is resolved fully in this newer model.

The Facts

We are happy to inform that the facts on the “Pinecone” are much more revealing to a more positive experience with the product; however, each consumer will need to check on that for themselves. What works as a perfect product for some can be a disaster for others.

So here are the facts we have currently, concerning the “Pinecone”:

  • Large 835 Processor to increase efficiency
  • Most manufacturers opt for this product by Snapdragon
  • Samsung is to use in the future
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • Fast connectivity in most regions
  • Camera function will work the exact same as before use

Will it be the Best? And Why!

With all of these possibilities coming from the company’s product, there is speculation it may be the best system on a chip to date. This is due to all the overwhelmingly positive feedback during testing about cost cutting, reduced dependence, and save space with Qcom and Mediatek.

Circulating the Rumor Mill

It is also rumored that Xiaomi is using their own SoC, “Pinecone,” throughout their company, and it has been heavily successful in increasing productivity (just as their previous best SoC, “Meri” did in the past). Though not many detailed descriptions of the product have left corporate as to how that success was achieved.

The Impending Announcement

No matter your opinion or impending speculation on the “Pinecone,” the product will be ready for release later in this year, 2017. It is set to be the next best thing or a waste of time. Either way, we think it’s a product worth a quick look at!

  • This article is again weird. Like the author have no idea what to write about. No details, just short sentences about some common facts. And no proof for those words about Samsung or other “facts”. Also the Surge CPU (Pinecone) is already in use in their Xiaomi Mi5c phone (codename meri).