How to Create Xiaomi and Mi Cloud Account?

Xiaomi is has made a name for themselves as one of the top smart device manufacturers in not only just China, but all over the world. They are one of the top technologically savvy companies in the South and East Asian markets and their devices are used all over the world.

With this comes many responsibilities and more features for their beloved customers. One that has been in the works for a long while is the Mi Cloud. The Mi Cloud is a system that automatically stores your media files (photographs, videos, music, apps, etc.) in one space reserved under your personal Mi Account. This way, if your phone becomes corrupted or out of commission for some reason, your files will not be lost. You can always recover and retrieve them from the Mi Cloud.

However, before accessing this feature, you will need to create a Mi Account for yourself. In this article, we will teach you how to create your own Xiaomi Mi Account; and then from there, we will walk you through how to connect that Mi Account to the Mi Cloud. That way all your favorite files will be on hand whenever you need them, and you’ll never have to worry about their safety again!mi-cloud-account

Now let’s start by creating your very own Xiaomi Mi Account.

Creating Your Own Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account

  1. Open your preferred desktop browser or search engine program

  2. Enter in the URL address:

  3. Press enter and you should be there

  4. Tap on the option below to create a new Mi AccountClick create account

  5. There are two ways to create your account here is the first:

    1. Enter in your email address, which will be your new e-mail id

    2. Select your country and region correctly

    3. Enter in your proper date of birth with the month, date, and year respectively

    4. Then tap the “Create Mi Account Button”

  6. Here is the second way to create your Mi Account,create using mobile phone

    1. This method includes your phone number, so enter in your most used mobile number and choose your country’s leading dial number

    2. Select your country and region correctly

    3. Enter in your proper date of birth with the month, date, and year respectively

    4. Properly type out the captcha code located in a box next to the entry

    5. Then tap the “Create Mi Account Button”

  7. Once you have made the account, a verification pin will be sent to your e-mail or phone numberverification number

  8. Type in that pin entry to the box that has popped up on your smart device screen

  9. You will then be navigated to a site where you can create a password.

  10. Choose a password that includes a letter and a number, with a length of 8 characters

  11. Once verified, click on the submit button.

  12. And Voila!~ Your Xiaomi Mi Account is now activatedyour account has been created

Now let’s get to connecting you to the cloud!

Connect Your Xiaomi Mi Account to the Mi Cloud Using Your ‘Edit Settings’

  1. Now that your account is established, return to the URL address: cloud

  2. You will need to sign into your Xiaomi Mi Account once again through this new site, so type in your new username and password accordingly

  3. Another 6 digit code will be sent to your e-mail or phone number to verify your ownership of the Mi Accountaccount verification

  4. Enter the code into the entry box displayed and click submit again

  5. You will be taken back to a screen that has connected your Xiaomi Mi Account to the Mi Cloud!mi-cloud

You can now automatically upload your photos, videos, and other media files to the cloud without worrying about losing things. Enjoy the use of this new fantastic feature and have fun playing with your smartphone!