Behold The Xiaomi Laptop – Ultrabook Class Laptop With Half of The Price

Xiaomi Ultrabook Laptop

Xiaomi, a company known for its mobile phone products, is rumored to launc a laptop that will change the face of the competition. Dated back in 2014, the rumor about Xiaomi laptop has been baffling the consumer about whether the company has what it take to enter the market. However, despite the skeptic responses a pre-order sale from Chinese import website, Bang Good has sparked a lot of interest.

Lurking around the official Xiaomi site, however, the information about the laptop is not yet available – they haven’t make it official. However, based on the details that Bang Good offered, the offers seems legit.

Bang Good offered Xiaomi laptop without any named model. It does, however, list the laptop specification – a shocking one for it’s price point.

The upcoming Xiaomi laptop will be powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU. The site doesn’t mention about from which generation the processor will be, however it is believed that the laptop will use the Haswell generation of the CPU. In terms of graphic power, NVDIA GTX760M with 2Gb DDR5, albeit not the latest chip, will handle most if its graphic necessities. There’s no detail available about the storage capacity or type, but it will have 8Gb or RAM. As for display, the laptop is 15.6 inch 16:9 with full HD resolution.

Other details include standard headphone/ microphone combo interface, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, Multi-in-1 card reader, and 1000Mbps Ethernet card.

There’s no detail available yet about the actual dimension of the laptop. However, the pictures show elegant sleek design which resembles that of Macbook Air. It is not something surprising since Xiaomi is quite famous for ‘being inspired’ by Apple in its smartphone designs – thus, their first laptop design.

For all these amazing specs and elegant look, the site charge $710 for the laptop. This is almost half the price of Macbook Air’s. This, however, come at a price: it will not bundled with Windows operating system. Instead, the laptop will be pre-installed with Linux operating system – a price cutting strategy that hopefully will not deter any prospective consumers.

Guest post article by Bejoalan.