Mi Headphones – Key Features

Mi Headphones Quality

Mi Headphones comes in three different ear cushion kits that can be used interchangeably to reduce sound leakage and insulate against ambient noise. Twist off and snap on, depending on which size suits you best. On-ear cushions are great for outdoor use, while over-ear cushions provide maximum comfort.

Mi Headphones is a range of high quality products in the headphones arena. Owing to their presentability and performance, models of the Mi Headphones brand are taking the technological world by a storm. Such kind of a surge in the market is not common—it happens only if the products offer some unique features, which make a significant difference in people’s lives. Generally, Xiaomi Mi Headphones brands have earned a name for their above average performance in terms of quality.

Mi Headphones Fold

Mi Headphones are a pair of stylish gadgets that help you listen to your smartphone, stereo or TV without being held immobile by transmission wires. With these, one is capable of moving around the house while listening to the smartphone without sticking to the sofa or with eyes glued to the smartphone.

Key features in a glance

  • 50mm diaphragm : a large diaphragm that’s 4 times harder than steel and 60% lighter than titanium alloy
  • incredible sensitivity
  • ability to retain a natural sound with minimal distortion and coloration
  • 2 microns thick acoustic membrane is 25% larger than other regular headphones
  • creating a sound with an exceptional bass.
  • distinguishes even subtle nuances in music.
  • 3D sound to produce a realistic surround sound
  • Dual-damping system to absorb reflected sound waves and reduces ambient noise
  • built-in Knowles MEMS microphone
  • 32-ohm low impedance
  • Weighs only 220g
  • Price : $80

Mi Headphones set

Mi Headphones  is one of the xioami products, which Built-in Knowles microphone or Kevlar fiber cables  and superior quality of sound system. The design around the earphones is such that it allows sound to be overheard by other people, which might not go well with some individuals. Nevertheless, this same feature keeps the person wearing the headphones at pace with the ambient environment by not excluding him or her from the neighboring sounds. As such, it is possible to hear a knock on the door or a call on your phone. Though not exciting to some, headphones are constructed of a tough Aluminum grilles material, which comes in  gold color that are easy to blend with other accessories.

The Mi Headphones model can also be used with iOS 5 or above with Kevlar fiber cables and just as fine only that it has a closed back. This concentrates the sound to the ears and another person nearby may not be able to make out the sounds. This feature comes in handy in circumstances where you want to be unobtrusive, e.g. in the bedroom. With this in mind, it is advisable to take caution especially if the headphones are used outside, since the user may not act in sync with the surrounding environment. This might expose him or her to risks such as oblivion and lack of response to warning signs or a hazardous situation.

Mi Headphones

The Mi Headphones is a favorite to many people, being small-sized, Kevlar fiber cables, and with a range that exceeds the range reachable by corded headphones by far. Though it does not eliminate the noise coming with the sound transmission, its voice it quite clear and appealing—not irritating to the ears. One other thing to note about Mi Headphones is that you do not have to install or connect. The built-in Knowles MEMS microphone provides great audio clarity for calls. The Mi Headphones are resilient and long lasting. They are suitable for use not only with smartphone, but also with other contemporary devices. This is the reason why many people nowadays decide to have the Mi Headphones which is supported by a silver-plated copper wire, turn up 32-ohm low impedance when you’re plugged into your smartphone.