Teclast X10 Plus – Intel-powered Tablet PC

Teclast X10 Tablet

We want to try something different starting from today. We will try to give you some recommendations as alternatives to all existing Xiaomi devices. Today we are going to start with a product from similar China-based company Teclast. Founded in 1999, Teclast Electronics Co., Ltd. is an integrated digital brand devoting itself to IT and consumer digital products’ RnD, product designs and manufacturing, marketing sales, and product services. Obtained more than 90+ patents in IT related things, the company claimed that its powerful research and development strength enables it to release a brand new product on average 1.5 month and maintain the leading position all along in consumer digital electronics market.

One of its recent innovative products is Teclast X10 Plus, an Android tablet PC powered with Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 chipset boasting Intel Quad Core X5 1.44 GHz (burstable to 1.84 GHz speed) 64-bit processors. Designed with 10.1 inches touchscreen HD display, Teclast X10 Plus is also powered with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM and 12 Core GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) Intel HD generation 8th.

Teclast X10 Tablet Specs

The CPU technology that Intel brings with this 2-in-1 tablet PC is really fascinating. The chipset and CPU boast 14nm processing technology making the consume only -as low as- 2W. It means this tablet will consume less energy compared to its competitors. On top of that, all of those hardware specs combined together with its 10.1 IPS display (1280×800 px) make Teclast X10 Plus capable in delivering distinctive gaming experience. Thanks to its Gen 8 Intel HD Graphic with 12 Cores GPU – Intel claims this GPU is a PC-class GPU.

Teclast X10 Tablet Processors

Such massive ability to play many heavy-graphic-demanding games makes this tablet pc automatically capable to play movies smoothly. Furthermore, Teclast X10 Plus can play any 4K videos at full resolution.

Teclast X10 Tablet Gaming Specs

This tablet PC is also powered with Lithium battery having 3.8V/7200mAh and DPTE Intelligent Management feature which is capable to deliver 7 hours in use when fully charged. Sounds cool? Thanks to its low voltage CPU as well.

Teclast X10 Plus comes shipped with 32GB flash storage (eMMC). Users can store many videos, songs, or any files in there. The eMMC hardware is not just an ordinary one. The company claims it can deliver up to 150MB/s reading speed. That’s why this tablet can also perform smooth 4K video playback and play heavy graphic games.


Camera-wise, Teclast X10 Plus has dual American OV cameras to capture photos and videos as well as to perform face-to-face video chat.

Teclast X10 Tablet Camera

Some other key features including 3.5mm audio jack, Micro HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11b/g/n Wifi, Micro SD Card slot up to 128GB, and it runs Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Product dimension: 25.88 x 16.30 x 0.93 cm / 10.19 x 6.42 x 0.37 inches. It has fashionable design on whole metallic body making it elegant.

Price : available for only $129.99 USD at Gearbest (up to 61% discount) that also includes FREE Shipping to many countries including US, India, and even to my country Indonesia.

Teclast X10 Tablet Wifi

Teclast X10 Tablet Docking