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A PC suite is basically a software that synchronizes your phone with your PC to enable you manage it and download your content from your PC into your phone. It simply connects your phone to your computer. Well, there are quite a number of PC suites that have been developed specifically for different phone brands. Xiaomi presents to you a newer and more convenient kind of PC suite. In an updated version, Mi PC suite features quite more than the older version. The Mi PC suite English version comes with bugs fixes which places it a step higher than the older version.

Reason For Downloading A PC Suite

  • A PC suite allows you to organize the data stored in your phone. Though not a very easy task, it enables you to have your data organized in such a way that you as the user will easily understand and access. When you connect your smartphone or tablet to your PC you get the ability to access the contents in your phone such as multimedia, contacts among other data found in your phone.
  • Synchronization of your phone data with your PC. The basic purpose of a PC suite is to synchronize and integrate your phone or tablet with your PC. A PC suite synchronizes all your relevant information including contacts, call logs, calendars, texts and pictures. This eases usage of technology, as it makes it possible for you to make use of technology once. When these data is fully synchronized between your phone or tablet and computer, you can access the data in one mood, both from the phone or tablet and from the computer.
  • With a PC suite you are capable of avoiding future emerging data loss from any disastrous occurrence. A PC suite lets you create a backup that stores copies of your files securing them in case of any mischievous occurrence. This vitally give you the courage of using your phone comfortably without having fears of losing your data.
  • Another reason that I would debate that you might need a PC suite, is the transfer of data between your computer and your device and interestingly to other phones and tablets.

The Newer Mi PC Suite English Version

Earlier on, a large number of MIUI users have been facing challenges concerning Mi PC suite hardly connecting to devices. In the newer Mi PC suite, the burning issue has been looked into amicably. In this new version, you can easily and conveniently establish a connection between your Mi tablets and mobiles making it easier to manage your content from your computer and download content from you PC to your phone or tablet. Infused with MIUI greatness, MIUI perfectly allows you to manage your phone including, apps and games.

Just like a plug and play gadget or machine, the Mi PC suite features an auto start characteristic which allows an automatic connection between your device and computer when your device is connected. This automatic connection synchronizes your phone with your PC, thus reducing the hustle and tussle of struggling to connect and integrate it to your PC.

The Mi PC suite has another amazing feature which I think might save you a great deal in data usage and economically as well. You can share your PC’s internet connection and browse through the internet using your mobile or tablet. It definitely merits you a great deal by saving that coin you would have spent in order to keep both your phone and PC in the internet. Thanks to the Xiaomi Company, for bringing up an economical and multi purposely helpful software. You can now walk through your favorites including your social media accounts, best videos on you tube, update your apps, receive and send emails, all through your phone using the shared PC internet connection.

Have you ones lost important data from your phone? Well you might prevent that from happening again by taking precautions using the new Mi PC suite version from Xiaomi. It features a backup option which has a path to a specific folder in your one of your partitions in PC. The storage path or folder can be modified to the user’s preferences.

In the new version, you have an option to create a Mi account, and this allows you to contribute to the development of the software by presenting your bugs and feedback as well. This is very vital as it enables the company to know what is lacking and what needs to be improved according to its customers’ reviews and comments.

The moment your device connects to your computer, the model is displayed on the screen and you have the ability to access your file explorer and explore your files explicitly. Besides, you can browse through your applications, gallery which allows you to have a larger view of your favorite moments in your computer, and not forgetting the movies you have stored in your phone memory, your notes, music messages and contacts as well. What an experience brought to you by the Xiaomi Company. The PC suite displays a detailed information concerning your device, from the model, the PC internet speed to the amount of space used and available including the cached storage. Nevertheless, it shows the precise device contents on your PC as displayed in your device.

In addition, the new version gives you full control of the tasks that are going on in the software. You can pause and resume tasks, and equally delete the just from the Mi PC suite. Connecting your phone or tablet also allows you to flash or update your phone to a more recent

Downloading, Installing and Using The Mi PC Suite

If you have not have a taste of the Mi PC Suite, here is the whole process that would guide you through the whole process from downloading to installing and finally the usage.

  • First and fore most you are required to download the software into your computer or PC by clicking here. After the program is downloaded, run it as an administrator to install it.
  • When in the main window, Mi PC suite lets you manage your photos, applications, videos, music, notes, files, contacts and messages. Fundamentally, you can create phone backups, as well as upgrade your system to a newer software version, restore back your devices data, and ROM flashing. Amongst these functions, are others like screen cast functions and screen shot also available.
  • Connect your phone either using a USB cable or Wi Fi connection. After establishing a connection between your phone and PC, your PC’s internet connection automatically shared with your phone. This is not a fixed feature. Suppose you are not for the internet sharing between your phone and PC, you have an open option to simply disable the connection. All you need to do is go to your notifications on phone and disable it. The only time it will turn back on is when you are using the Screen cast option.
  • Screen casting entails basically pictures in motion showing the changes with time that users view on a computer screen, and modified with audio. On the Mi PC suite, click the screen cast option, located between the screenshot and refresh option, and you would see the screen of your device displayed on the computer screen. Besides, you will be able to take charge of your smartphone or tablet with your PC.
  • Turn to the backup interface. That is where you can create a backup of your personal important data and as well get to manage the previously created backups. The backup interface is located in the settings section. At the top right corner of the Mi PC suite, click the setting icon to open settings, and from the open interface, click storage and there you are! You can now create a backup and keep of the data loss furiousness.
  • One of the things that you would be urged to go for a PC suite, is for a system update. Still on the Mi PC suite window, you can update your device to a newer software version or simply flash the phone.
  • From the home screen, you can connect your phone to fast boot mode. This will automatically launch a dialogue box used for fast boot flashing. From the appearing dialogue box, chose any option and allow it to run. The suite will sequentially flash your device to the last step. It would first download the relevant first boot ROM, then flash the ROM in the device. Essentially, when the suite uses this method to flash your device, it would leave all data wiped from your smartphone or tablet by executing the flash all script.

When the flashing process is complete, the suite will display a dialog box which would prompt your device to boot up.xiaomi-pc-suite-file-manager

  • Focusing on the file manager, the Mi PC suite lets you control your phone and transfer your data explicitly between your computer and your phone with the file explorer.
  • The most interesting explicitly of the Mi PC suite is you can Uninstall, restrict the network access, check and awesomely install new applications into your device from your Personal computer. All this is very realistically possible via the App tab.
  • Imagine having a bigger a detailed look into your favorite captures. Mi PC suite enables you to import and export, not forgetting browse your favorite photos.
  • Like wise to the image browsing, Mi PC suite allows you to browse through your videos via the video manager located on the home page of the PC suit. The video manager does not operate any different from the photo manager. You can equally export and import videos between your phone and computer and watch as well by double clicking on the particular video.
  • Come to talk of the music manager which allows you to massively manage your music files and play them in your computer.
  • If you are that person who cannot do without writing, whose way of expressing him or herself is through writing, well there is the notes interface that allows you to edit and efficiently manage your notes by changing the colors, reminders, add in more graphics and checklists. The best thing about this idea is that all you do on your computer will be synchronized with your phone.

The Mi PC Suite Break Through

It’s time to shift to the new Mi PC suite, which comes with more feature and bug fixes. If you have had a chance to download the Mi PC suite, then you might be having either the older version or the newly updated version. If you are using an older version, you will notice a blue arrow pointing upwards at the bottom left corner of the Mi PC suite. In order to update the software, simply click the blue arrow and you will see a dialog box popping asking you to reboot the software. Select the reboot option and the phone manager will restart and launch as an updated version, that is the Mi PC suite English version

This version of Mi PC suite is compatible with a range of Xiaomi devices, this being both smartphones and tablets. The various models include: Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 2, Redmi prime, Redmi Note 4G/3G, Mi Note pro, Mi note, Mi4, Mi4i, Mi4c, Redmi 1S amongst many other compatible models.

On The Other Hand

Moreover, in the updated version, you can easily and directly update your device via the Xiaomi PC suite and carry out backups. Besides the new version allows access to a lot of stuff in your phone, such as images, videos, contacts, messages and also music.

The unfortunate part about the new version is that it excludes the Xiaomi phones that operate on a 6.0 marshmallow platform. This means that the 6.0 marshmallow android users are locked out of the privileges of the Mi PC suite version


On a light note, a PC suite allows you to do more than you can do on phone or on a tablet. Use a professional guideline to complete the various installations and enjoy the benefits. Try out the new version of the Mi PC suite to have explicit control of your pictures, videos, notes.

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    This is an old software version that doesn’t support modern Xiaomi devices (Redmi 3, Redmi 4, etc).
    Why do you mislead readers??

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      getting sick and tired of my stupid redmi 3s. never had a single issue with all of my past mi’s. one month + and still cannot sync despite many attempts to flash or downgrade to a kit a kat

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