Download PokeMesh 7.0.0 APK for Pokemon Go players [Latest version]

For all hardcore Pokemon Go gaming enthusiasts, this article is a must read. Pokemesh has currently been updated to the latest version, with PokeMesh 7.0.0 bringing in several new features to the table. The direct link to download the APK has to be found by researching reliable sources on the net.

7.00 APK PokemonGo
The Android application PokeMesh is designed to double your existing Pokeman Go gameplay by showing all the existing and available Pokestop, Pokemon and Gyms around you or in a particular area of interest. The app also has the capability of being run in the background in order to save on battery life. But the user will still be able to receive all the push notifications that he/she is bound to receive. PokeMesh is of course known to be an unofficial app and therefore is not available on the Google Play Store. Users can search the net for the required download links from reliable sources to manually install on the target Android devices. You have to keep in mind that since the app is compatible only with Android smartphones, it might not function properly on any other devices such as tablets and so on.

PokeMesh 7.0.0 APK Changelog
This can be used to correct screens which are stuck for a few devices
Also used to prevent easy and unauthorised access to them by hiding advanced settings
Repeated empty notification content can be corrected here

This also includes a reworked step worker and circles added to show the scan area 
This also includes a completely reworked Pokémon information window along with reworked Share windows
Another great enhancement to this is the elimination of circle scan for an improved holistic performance coupled with great battery life
Also included is the addition of advanced settings in order to enable circles to mark steps scan area
Information regarding gyms is also implemented along with share also