Get Vulkan API on Your Xiomi Redmi Note 4X

Want to have Vulkan API on your Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon phone? All you need to do is follow this simple tutorial. Vulkan API for Android, which is designed by the Khronos Group, allows your smartphone to have 3D graphics that perform excellently. It should also be noted that Vulkan API is only available for Android 7 ROMs.

Instructions on Installing Vulkan API on a Redmi Note 4XVulcan api on xiaomi redmi 4x

Before continuing to the main steps, you must download Vulkan API first! You can do that by going to this link. It should automatically start downloading after a few seconds. Once you have downloaded it, you can now proceed. Here are the steps to take to have Vulkan API on your Redmi Note 4X:

  1. Boot your phone into TWRP Custom Recovery and install the downloaded archive.

  2. Next, go to system/vendor/lib/hw/ and find “vulkan msm89”. Alter this to “vulkan msm8953”.

  3. This next step is similar but it’s in lib64/hw instead. Do the same thing here and change “vulkan msm89” to “vulkan msm8953”.

  4. Now you need to reboot your smartphone. Verify that everything is working correctly.

  5. You can now run Antutu Benchmark to see how well Vulkan API performs on your device.

Now that you have completed these quick and easy steps, you should have Vulkan API up and running on your Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon. For those who have run the benchmark, what was your rating? Comment down below and share with everyone else! Meanwhile, enjoy the high-quality graphics and performance that Vulkan API provides you, especially with mobile gaming.