Android Image Kitchen v2.4

Android Kitchen ROM Modifier Tool

In this page we provide you with a powerful Android ROM image unpacking and/or repacking tool namely Android Image Kitchen. This Windows based utility is capable to unpack and/or repack either boot / kernel or recovery image. With such sophisticated ability, this Android Image Kitchen allows its users to alter many aspects of – almost- any Android image including certain text, pictures even behavior by simply editing certain value within the ROM while pertaining file permission. Consequently, imagination is the only limitation.

However, such kind of utility is meant for advanced users only. Therefore, make sure you know what to do with it and how to do it unless you have specific tutorial / guide on how to do something using this tool.

Currently, the utility has no User Interface yet thus users should have basic ability to use Windows Command Prompt.

This awesome tool is developed by osm0sis, a recognized contributor at XDA, during his free time. Hence, any credit and donation belong to him.

Android Image Kitchen 2.4 Interface


You can grab it from our US based server (mirror direct link) below :

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