CWM Recovery v6.0.5.0 for Mi 4

CWM Mi 4 PhilZ Touch 5

Clockwork Mod Recovery (CWM) is a replacement for stock recovery feature of any Android ROM, including MIUI. Xiaomi has included Mi Recovery as the stock recovery comes with any MIUI phones including Mi 4. Most MIUI users prefer to use TWRP as their favorite custom recovery. However, there are some users who still part of CWM big fans. CWM Recovery offers many great thing and it is also backed up with many top notch developers.

Thankfully, there is an XDA member who shared a flashable CWM Recovery based on version 6.0.50 for Mi 4 device running either dualboot OS or single boot. The flashable .zip file is downloadable from direct link below and is hosted in our EU-based server.

File name :
Version | 1434 downloads | 13 MB
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How to install?

  1. Download the .zip file above in your phone.
  2. Launch File Explorer and rename that file into
  3. Move that file into root directory of phone’s internal storage.
  4. Launch the Updater app.
  5. Wipe Data/Factory reset first.
  6. Tap on the three dots (…) in the top right-hand corner
  7. Choose install menu
  8. Disable Recovery flash on System 1/2 (if you are using Mi stock Recovery)
  9. Reboot.