ExtremeBeats Aural Maximizer – Boost Up MIUI Sound Quality to The Next Levels

xtreme audio mod for miui

Download the best audio mod addon for your MIUI device to enhance the sound quality and boost up its bass with extra clarity. Meet eXtremeBeats Aural Maximizer! a high-end audio mod unlike another mods. Developed by Ben Feutrill of Applicare Studios, this free audio mod features popular sound mods like PureAudio Engine, SRS Trubass, AwesomeBeats, Sony’s xLoud, and BeatsAudio. Having these installed and enabled will make your ears spoiled with all of your favorite sounds. Enjoy a distinctive experience of next level sound quality with this mod.

The developer stated that ExtremeBeats Aural Maximizer is compatible with almost any Android devices including the ones running MIUI. It doesn’t mean that stock audio playback app and included audio mods of MIUI are not good. They are just perfectly good but you can make it even better especially if you are kinda audiophile person who just could not live without listening to music.

Now let’s take a look at some key features of what this audio mod can do to improve your music playback :

Beats Audio


Who doesn’t know this popular audio enhancement mod? This mod will increase the bass frequencies through extensive EQ techniques adding definition and detail. The best part, vocals in any songs will become warmer and cleaner. Thanks to better sound equalizer hand-picked by the developer.

Pure Audio Engine

PureAudio Engine can re-sample sound files from 256KBPS to 320KBPS. On top of that, it can also works together in tandem with SRS Audio mod. With this activated, you can minimize the noise of any sound tracks through unique soft frequency scaling.

SRS Sound

This audio mod will add spacial emphasis on any audio track easily by  adjusting the left and right channels of audio SRS. Do not forget to also make use of SRS Focus feature. The technology is capable to elevate audio to sound like it’s at your ears not feet. It’s very handy especially when you listen to any music in your car.

Sony xLoud

xloud logo

This true sound booster technology can easily boost certain frequencies of the sound you hear for a higher perceived volume level throughout your phone’s speaker. It boosts certain mid tones by dynamically adjusting volume level to your headphones.x


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How to install

Download the audio mod package from the link above and flash it through your lovely custom recovery, TWRP. Boot into TWRP >> mount System and Data >> then flash the .zip file. You may also need to wipe Dalvik/Cache and normal cache after flashing if you faced any problem.

Enjoy! Be a good audiophile and listen to your favorite music responsibly.

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