Google Installer v2.0 App for MIUI Devices

Here’s a mirror download link for latest version of Google Installer app hosted exclusively in our US based server. Anyone and any MIUI lovers around the world can simply download the .apk file and install it on their phone.

What is and what is this app for? Google Installer is an app allows you to install Google Service Framework and Google Play Store app. Therefore, you can then install any other Gapps (Google Apps) and of course any apps available in Play Store. You may need Google Installer especially if you have just reinstalled or flashed stock MIUI ROM on your Xiaomi devices. Flashing stock MIUI ROM especially the China Stable or Developer firmware edition.

Google Installer v2 MIUI

Google Installer v2

So you have known what is this app for generally. Now meet Google Installer v2, the latest version available so far which is compatible with many Xiaomi devices including the latest one Mi5 and Mi4s. This version works smoothly on Kitkat, Lolipop and Marshmallow ROMs for Installing the minimum Google Apps base. It has also been confirmed working successfully on Redmi 1S running Kitkat ROM.

Key Features

google installer logo

  • Updated V2 of the popular Google Installer by Eric Xiang;
  • Supports Kitkat, Lollipop & Marshmallow firmware;
  • Easy installation;
  • Google Play Services;
  • Google Play Store;
  • Google Services Framework;
  • Google Calendar Sync;
  • Google Contacts Sync.

Basically, you can simply install Play Store through Mi App Store but it is reported in some cases the “app force close” error still happen. So hopefully using Google Installer may give you different experience.

How to use this app?

Read: How to install Google Service Framework and Play Store on Stock MIUI ROM.


As usual, latest version is the one in the top of the list.

File name :
Version 2.0 | 250714 downloads | 34 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

File name :
Version 1.3 | 441693 downloads | 14 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

Google Installer v2 is made possible thanks to Eric Xiang. Neither he or I will hold responsibility of any harm and damaged caused by the use of the app.

Update :

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    thank you verymuch?. very nice share

  • Ng Meng Kwee

    not able to copy google installer.apk file into the phone. 🙁

  • Bhisma Dwi Wandana

    why when install the google service framework , appear message parse error ?

  • Bryan

    When I wish to install apps from play store, by clicking “Install” then proceed but nothing happen

  • Manish Verma

    Google installer shows an error after downloading Google file manager

  • During the install it also fails, I got MIUI Global (Vendor rom) on my Redmi 3. See image.

  • Asif

    I am having issues with Contact Syns. The google account sync not show contact sync option while other options are still there like drive, gmail, app data…

    I have also tried google installer version 3 but same issue.

    Please help. I have mi5 with latest miui8.0.3.0 stable.

  • fundayhaveto

    hi, thanks for the article and the file. I’ve tried, but it seems less successful in my Redmi Pro. is it because the installer does not include Redmi Pro yet? Initially even I failed to access google play, but after I insert the sim card, it looks like the problem is solved. but now I can not download all the applications. It shown pop up Can not Downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error while retrieving information from the server. [DF-DLA-15])…Help me please

  • Nasir

    I have redmi note 3 with MIUI
    I downloaded the Google Installer V2.0
    It downloads the google framework but fails to install…please help.
    the other 2 items in zip installs fine.

  • Fur Ry

    Very good no error I searched the whole website trying to find this. No need root my phone is Chinese version ZenFone Max , after unzipping 2.0 installer only use the colourful play store logo, the other 2 files I nv use(google play store and google play services)
    ZenFone Max has 2 version ww world wide and CN China, mine is CN. There is no way to flash to WW Rom so I used the V2.0 installer and it work, the version 1.2 cannot work.

  • iwan kurniawan

    gmn cara downloadnya gan..maklum newbie



  • Duke

    These links don’t work