Leaked Google Nexus Launcher Flashable Zip Package

nexus android 7 launcher

Google has announced the availability of Android 7.0 which is normally available on Nexus devices earlier than any other devices. However, some of its exclusive features have been available via a launcher app known as Nexus launcher. This new launcher app is leaked for any other Android devices users to taste some of Android 7.0 UI earlier on whatever their devices are. One of its notable features is the new way to launch all icons of installed apps. Unlike traditional apps drawer, the one available within this new Nexus launcher can be revealed by doing a swiping-up gesture. Moreover, the bottom row of icons is basically a sticky “dock” that exists on every home screen. Nevertheless, the dock is differentiated with a frosted background. The cool thing is the dock which can now fit five app icons instead of four.

Take a look at this animated screenshot pic:

There is one more cool feature. Normally on Android 6.0 or lower, you will see default Google Now search bar as a widget on your phone home screen. Android 7.0 is a little bit different. Users will be surprised with a new G icon floating on the left side of the screen which can be tapped to reveal the Google Now search form.


Below you can download leaked and flashable Nexus launcher .zip file based on Android 7.0 from our US-based server via direct link. Simply download the .zip file, place it on your phone storage, and flash it through TWRP recovery. You may also need to install Wallpaper Picker .apk file afterwards since the one included within the zip file seems to crash frequently.

File name :
Version android 7.0 | 836 downloads | 3 MB
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Download the .ziip file below and extract using Winzip or Winrar to get the .apk file.

File name :
Version n/a | 259 downloads | 1 MB
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via MIUI community.