Mi Drone App English Edition (Unofficial Version)

App for Mi Drone English Edition

Here’s an unofficial English edition Android app for Mi Drone. The app is released by Xiaomi.eu community making it the first English version of the app. Mi Drone is the first Xiaomi’s UAV expected to challenge DJI, the China biggest drone manufacturer. Featuring similar specifications to DJI Phantom 3 series, the Mi Drone is available for only almost half of the DJI price. However, the UAV is not available globally yet. Therefore, there is no official English version of the app yet.

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Mi Drone app is needed for its users to be able to have quick live aerial view broadcast directly by the drone. Moreover, users can also do many useful tasks controlling the drone while it is flying in the sky. Grab the app from one of the links below.


Grab Mi Drone app (English) from direct link hosted in our servers in US and EU below. The .apk file is compressed inside .zip file. You can either download it first to your PC and extract it before then you transfer it to your phone or simply use ES File Explorer to extract the .zip file directly on your phone.

Download .apk file from US server:

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Download .apk file from Europe server:

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Version n/a | 2523 downloads | 29 MB
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