Mi Verification App [English Version]

Mi Verification App

Here’s we mirrored the .apk file of the official Mi Verification app. The file is stored in our US based server with good connectivity to either US states or Asian countries. Believe me or not, this one is top most important app every MIUI user should have because the first thing a user should do is to verify whether the phone he / she has is original and not the fake. That’s why many called this app “The Anti Fake App,” and obviously users can use this app to spot fake Xiaomi devices.

This app answers following questions:

  • How to identify fake Xiaomi phones?
  • How to check whether the Xiaomi phone is original or fake?
  • How to spot fake Xiaomi devices?
  • How to distinguish fake and original Xiaomi phones?

How to use this app? Read : How to differentiate between fake and original Xiaomi devices.

The app has very interesting User Interface and it is also easy to use. You can download the Mi Verification app installer below:

File name :
Version 10303-00 | 158143 downloads | 1 MB
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