MIUI 7.5 for Mi Max 32GB (v7.5.7.0.MBCMIDE Global Stable Fastboot ROM)

miui hydrogen

Below is direct link for you to grab MIUI v7.5.7.0.MBCMIDE Global Stable Fastboot ROM (.tgz) for Mi Max 32GB variant (Hydrogen). The link is not hosted in our US-based server. However, it is an official MIUI package file hosted in their official server and hence you should get the original MIUI ROM. It is true that you may also upgrade your phone through OTA update mechanism but having full package of stock MIUI ROM can sometimes come in handy. Fastboot ROM is frequently required to fix bricked Xiaomi device or when it is in a bootloop state.

What’s new? This new version contains hot fix to wifi connection issue reported on ROM v7.5.4.1.


File name :
Version | 833 downloads | 1 GB


Xiaomi Dev Team releases MIUI Stock ROM always packed in .tgz format. Fastboot ROM means it is flashable via Fastboot Mode. In most MIUI devices, users can reboot their devices into Fastboot mode by pressing the Volume down (-) button and Power button all together at the same time. Hold your pressing until your phone restarting and entering Fastboot mode. Please read my previous article for further step-by-step guide how to install MIUI ROM via Fastboot.

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