MIUI 7.5 for Mi Max (v7.5.1.0.MBDCNDE China Stable ROM)

MIUI 7.5 Stable Mi Max

Xiaomi has rolled out new MIUI 7 build having version number 7.5 for all supported devices including Mi Max. In this page, you can download MIUI v7.5.1.0.MBDCNDE both Fastboot ROM and Recovery ROM for both Mi Max Helium (64GB/128GB) and Mi Max hydrogen (32GB) variants. Please do remember that Fastboot ROM comes in .tgz format whereas Recovery ROM comes in .zip format.

MIUI 7.5 is considered not a major update but it already has some advanced features planned to be available on MIUI 8 including Shortcut Menu, Mi Lanting fonts, App Lock features, and so on. It seems Xiaomi Dev team has been very kind enough to give all MIUI fans a head start on experiencing distinctive features of MIUI 8. Please take a look of some notable MIUI7.5 key features :

Key Features

  1. Introducing Shortcut menu
  2. Introducing Mi Lanting system font
  3. Sogou input
  4. Protect apps with App lock
  5. Card design for notification messages
  6. New design for Weather
  7. Major optimization for Cleaner
  8. Wallpaper Carousel
  9. and several others.


Optimization - System stability (06-23)

New - Added card design for notification & service messages (04-12)
Optimization - Improved layout for message bubbles with S and XS-sized text (04-20)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Fix - In some cases pre-installed wallpapers blocked Wallpaper Carousel (06-23)

Optimization - Mi Mover transfer speed (05-09)

New - New white design (04-27)

New - Introducing Shortcut menu. Check out the new MIUI 8 feature early. You can turn it on in Additional settings. (05-17)

File Explorer
New - Upload small videos directly from Explorer (05-12)
Optimization - Sorting algorithm for small videos (05-12)
Fix - Couldn't use hidden folders (05-12)
Fix - Issues with KuaiPan (05-12)

New - Card design for Downloads (04-26)

Mi Account
Optimization - Simplified sign-in process and creating Mi Account (04-19)

New - New design for Cleaner (04-27)

Optimization - Accessibility support (05-24)
Fix - FC issues (05-24)

New - Fingerprint support for App lock in Redmi 3 Pro (04-27)
New - Added on/off switch for App lock (05-03)
New - Customized settings for App lock (05-03)

Mi Cloud
New - Added "Back up now" feature for fast backups (05-19)

MI Wallet
New - ID verification (05-10)
Optimization - Improved the display of available payment methods during checkout. (04-13)
Optimization - Mi Wallet start page opened by default. (04-13)
Optimization - Improved display for the payment page which appears after scanning a QR code. (04-13)
Optimization - Reasons and help for unsuccessful attempts to add cards (05-10)
Fix - Fixed the issue with recurring notifications after a successful credit card cash back. (04-13)
Fix - Fixed account error which appeared after resetting the password in some cases. (04-13)
Fix - The app crashed after an unsupported credit card was added in the English version. (04-13)
Fix - Checkouts were unsuccessful in some cases. (04-13)

New - Custom Xiaomi keyboard by Sogou with support for Mi Account (05-26)

Which one should I download? You may download the Recovery ROM if you have no specific reason to use its Fastboot ROM. Fastboot ROM is usually needed to fix bricked device or bootloop problem.


Xiaomi Dev Team releases MIUI Stock ROM always packed in .zip format. Recovery ROM means it is flashable via Recovery Mode either using stock MI Recovery or third-party recovery like TWRP or CWM. I’ve posted a step-by-step guide on how to install MIUI ROM via recovery mode. Just click the link and read the whole steps.


Mi Max Helium (64/128GB variant)

File name :
Version | 575 downloads | 910 MB

Mi Max Hydrogen (32GB variant)

File name :
Version | 514 downloads | 916 MB


Xiaomi Dev Team releases MIUI Stock ROM always packed in .tgz format. Fastboot ROM means it is flashable via Fastboot Mode. In most MIUI devices, users can reboot their devices into Fastboot mode by pressing the Volume down (-) button and Power button all together at the same time. Hold your pressing until your phone restarting and entering Fastboot mode. Please read my previous article for further step-by-step guide how to install MIUI ROM via Fastboot. However, it needs unlocked bootloader.


Mi Max Helium (64/128GB variant)

File name :
Version | 662 downloads | 1 GB

Mi Max Hydrogen (32GB variant)

File name :
Version | 694 downloads | 1 GB

Anyway, the MIUI 7.5 for Mi Max is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it doesn’t have Play Store and any other Google Apps installed. However, you can either download Play Store from Mi App Store or use download and install Google Apps installer for Mi Max. Enjoy..