MIUI ROM Flashing Tool Latest Version (2017) v20161222

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Download MiPhone app which is also known as Mi Flash Tool, a tool to install MIUI Fastboot ROM package to all Xiaomi devices including Redmi 1/1S/2/3/pro, Redmi Note 3G/4G/, Redmi Note 2/3/Pro, Mi 2/3/4/4i/4c/4s/5 and Mi Pad 1/2. Flashing MIUI ROM via Fastboot method is the best solution if you bricked and messed up with your phone. Think flashing ROM via fastboot like reinstalling your device and make it work normally like a brand new phone. However you might lost your data hence you need to create a full backup of all your important data.

This cool MIUI flashing tool works along and is compatible with the ADB for Mi devices and the Mi PC Suite or MiPhone Manager app. Because of its usefulness and from it is being an important tool which every Xiaomi user has to have it, then here is the MiPhone or MiFlash tool you can download from our US server  provided to you as mirror link in case if you are getting trouble downloading from official MIUI server.

The MiPhone tool contains following :

Google ADB tool and driver

Microsoft MTP and RNDIS Driver


The Mi Flash Tool is original, untouched and unaltered so download with confidence and use your favorite download manager to get faster download experience.

How to install Mi Flash Tool

First thing first it’s obvious you have to download it (use link below) then save it to your computer. Please note that Mi Flash Tool is a Windows-based app so make sure your PC or Laptop is running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

download miphone 2015

Next, double-click on its .exe app to launch it. Now you have to choose to which location you want it to be installed:

miphone tool installation

Click the Next button to continue and wait for it to install all backend component.


The Windows Security system notification will appear asking you whether to continue or to abort the install,


Simply choose “Install this driver software anyway“. Wait for a few seconds and once done, you’ll see something like this. Simply hit Finish but do not forget to follow the steps mentioned before connecting your phone to computer and using this tool for flashing MIUI ROM via Fastboot.

Mi Flash Tool Installation Finished

Mirror Download Link (US Server by XiaomiTips.com)

What’s new in version 2016.08.30.0? Several bugs have been fixed along with many enhancements and supports for newer devices like Mi 5 and Mi Max. The flashing process has also been simplified. This version released on August 2016 is the official public version after it had been several months in Beta version.

Notable features:

  • Miflash is now in stable version.
  • MiFlash is now supporting both 32 & 64 bit operations systems!
  • Windows 7 and above only!
  • MiFlash is supporting only Qualcomm devices.
  • Miflash not supporting devices older than Mi3.

miFlash v2016 new

Download the lastest version 20161222 from our Europe-based and US-based server (randomly) via direct link below:

File name :
Version v2016.12.22 | 20604 downloads | 42 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode


Previous versions: v20160830

File name :
Version 2016.08.30.0 | 69849 downloads | 30 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

What’s new in v20160401? It now fully supports flashing MIUI Fastboot ROM on Mi 5 device. It also has integrated Qualcomm drivers. The tool only works on Windows 64-bit system.

File name :
Version 20160401 | 128594 downloads | 27 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

File name :
Version 20151028 | 250715 downloads | 26 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

File name :
Version 2015731 | 178009 downloads | 28 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

File name :
Version 20150601 | 68023 downloads |
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

File name :
Version 20140509 | 35608 downloads | 26 MB
Servers are powered by : SiteGround Cloud and Ramnode

  • ananda srimurti

    where is the “launch “setting” application”??? i don’t understand

    • farieznur

      it’s on your phone

  • Garry E Scarf

    Have just received from China a Xiaomi Mui5 cellphone in Australia and cannot setup beyond language as the ‘location’ setting is stuck on ‘China’ and I can not change it. Is it because the unit is not set on International ROM ? Will this flashing tool fix this problem as I can not use the phone until this is solved.

    • farieznur

      I believe the one you have is running China Stable ROM. Yes, you can simply flash MIUI 7 Global Stable build http://xiaomitips.com/download/miui-7-3-for-mi-5-v7-3-5-0-maamidd-global-stable-build/

      • Leigh McWhirter

        I too am in Australia and had bought a Xiaomi Mi5 from a Hong Kong which came with Global Stable (MAACNDB). Sadly, this was full of bloatware including Apus launcher (which I couldn’t uninstall), and would continually deliver popup ads on the home screen.

        The inbuilt system updater wouldn’t work, despite unlocking the phone I couldn’t get into recovery mode (it would only show a phone with a cable on the screen), and Mi PC Suite (English) wouldn’t work due to the newer Android or software. In the end I flashed a new ROM using Fastboot and the MiFlash Beta. It took about 5 mins to flash, then booted without issue.

        ps. Thanks Farieznur, your articles and guides here have been very helpful 🙂

        • farieznur

          It seems you run a tampered ROM (fake) and not the official one. Don’t worry, that also happens with some Mi Devices in my country. 🙂

          MIUI Global Stable will never have something like MAACNDB (see that CN part. It indicates China build not Global).

          Anyway, glad you did it successfully.

  • pmshah

    I was trying to do this on my Netbook running x86 32 bit Windows 7 Starter. It threw up a compatibility error. What might be wrong?

    • farieznur

      I believe it was designed for 64-bit system. I run it on WIndows 8 64-bit and it runs flawlessly.

      • pmshah

        Thanks. Will try it on the x64 Windows when I get back to home base. Just hope it works. Somehow I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with lousy Intel implementation of USB 2 and 3.

  • Jazville

    Downloaded the files but my Mi phone won’t even be detected. The phone keeps restarting itself

    • farieznur

      Try reinstalling ADB USB Drivers

      • Jazville

        I tried reinstalling ADB USB Drivers but it didn’t work for me. I got the Device Manager to recognize the device but that was it. I couldn’t get it to show up in the MUI Setup Tools. I’m sure if I could get the phone to charge, may be my PC could pick it up and perhaps allow me to flash the ROM. Please help.

        • farieznur

          have you enabled USB Debugging on your phone?

          • Jazville

            I can’t even get the phone to boot up. It’s just restarting itself each I connect it to power.

          • farieznur

            What is your phone anyway and what MIUI version it runs?

            Perhaps you can try to put it into EDL mode then connect it to MiFlash. You may also need to firstly install Qualcomm QDLoader drivers If your device is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon.

            But if your device is MTK-powered, you may need to use SP Flash tool instead.

  • Terry

    ” Simply hit Finish but do not forget to follow the steps mentioned before connecting your phone to computer and using this tool for flashing MIUI ROM via Fastboot.”
    What does this paragraph mean ? i can’t see any apps installed on the pc and the phone. I enabled usb debugging but i didn’t turn to fastboot mode or recovery mode. pls reply soon

    • farieznur

      Sorry for my bad english 🙂

      That’s the end of the installation process. You will have MiFlash tool installed on your computer upon doing steps above. A new icon should be displayed in Desktop, otherwise you may need to check at your start menu / list of installed apps.

      Entering Fastboot mode can be done by pressing “Volume Down (-) and Power buttons simultaneously.

      • Terry


  • don

    Can i flash Xiaomi Max with this ?

    • farieznur

      Yes. Make sure you install it on 64-bit PC

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    Jazakallahu bil khoir mate :), thank you. very nice

  • Jayant Uttamchandani

    Hi Fariez,

    Does the ver 20160401 work for Xiaomi Mi5? As you have mentioned in one of your comments that the above flash softwares don’t work with Mi5.


    • farieznur

      Mi 5 use MiFlash Beta

  • Jeremeel

    thank you!

  • Andro Meda

    Can I get back to MIUI ROM from Custom Rom (Mokee rom) with this tool ?? i use mi4c

    Thank you for your answer

    • farieznur

      yes you can

  • Vuksab18

    i have mi5 and it doesn’t work for me. I got this ‘the path is not of a legal form error’. what should i do? i now have these china stable rom, but i need global rom. I tried a few options but nothing works for me. Any help? i d be gratefull

  • Robbie F.

    Flash tool says “The system cannot find the file specified (..) execute flash_all.bat”
    So it doesn’t work for me (version 20160401)

    • ភី

      after extracting your files you should have a image folder and it should be located in there.

  • giorgos76

    Can you please help me what this error during installation ?

    • ភី

      right click the setup file and run as administrator and it should install

  • sahil rishi

    hlo iam use mi flash on my mi4i device but his complete flash also done but mi cloud is always front screen

  • sahil rishi

    please help me

  • Julian Easton

    Hi, As a U.K resident I have just taken delivery of a Mi Max 32gb from a large Chinese online retailer. But it seems it may have a modified ROM, version listed in settings / about phone is MIUI 7.9 / stable [ (MBCCNDC) ]
    Will this latest flashing tool work on this ROM so as to allow me to update to MIUI 8, or can I only flash to a MIUI 7 ROM. Currently the on phone updater reports, no updates available!! Maybe the supplier/modifier of the ROM prefers me to keep being pestered with unwanted Chinese apps that I don’t require or even know what their use is for!!
    Also does the version installed at present mean I will only be able to flash the ROM by getting bootloader unlock permission? as I see on a number of Xiaomi related forums that modified ROMs often cause bootloader unlock problems namely ‘couldn’t verify device’.
    Your advice and help with my problem would be most welcome.

  • Tushar Kanta Behera

    if i am flashbooting the phone is that means i am rooting the phone???
    please reply …..

    • Sebastian Wetzel

      No, you’re just flashing a new firmware (operative system).

  • Hong Pisey


    I have problem while I flashing to my Redmi Note 4, and now I it black screen and I can’t do any thing on that !
    Please help me

  • SharluluAsheel CelenaliaD’el F

    Can i flash my redmi 3 locked bootloader with this miflashtool? My pc is win32bit.

  • Raul Botta

    Hi. I update my Mi5 with the MiPCSuite to v8.0.12.0 MAACNDI. After the update the Mi5 does not wont to boot anymoore. Now i try to flash my Mi5 with the MiFlash Tool v.20160830 but i get a error. Attached the log in German. Please help!

    [08:52:18]:Die angegebene Umwandlung ist ungültig.
    [08:52:18]: bei XiaoMiFlash.code.Utility.UsbDevice.GetAndroidDevices(TreeViewUsbItem item, List`1& outItems) in D:WorkspaceMiFlashXiaoMiFlashXiaoMiFlashcodeUtilityUsbDevice.cs:Zeile 99.
    bei XiaoMiFlash.code.Utility.UsbDevice.GetAndroidDevices(TreeViewUsbItem item, List`1& outItems) in D:WorkspaceMiFlashXiaoMiFlashXiaoMiFlashcodeUtilityUsbDevice.cs:Zeile 101.
    bei XiaoMiFlash.code.Utility.UsbDevice.GetScriptDevices(List`1 UsbItems) in D:WorkspaceMiFlashXiaoMiFlashXiaoMiFlashcodeUtilityUsbDevice.cs:Zeile 89.
    bei XiaoMiFlash.code.Utility.UsbDevice.GetDevice() in D:WorkspaceMiFlashXiaoMiFlashXiaoMiFlashcodeUtilityUsbDevice.cs:Zeile 47.
    bei XiaoMiFlash.MainFrm.RefreshDevice() in D:WorkspaceMiFlashXiaoMiFlashXiaoMiFlashMainFrm.cs:Zeile 298.

    • Paulo

      I have the same problem

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    thank you very much 😉

  • ChildOf God

    Lol.. dude.. whats this CRAP about waaaa support us!

  • tommaso seneci

    It does not start because it says that flash_all.bat is not there. I downloaded the ROM but inside the tar file there is just the ROM itself, without the three file, could you please upload them?

  • Umesh Verma

    Great tool

  • nurdin


  • Ammar Salman

    cant download it, always reload over and over on download page
    any idea?

  • David Dave

    am uploading my recovery and it keeps on failing why?

  • Mithilesh Deshpande

    It worked for me .. Thanks a ton for the help !!

  • Punit Kharb


    My MI4I is hard bricked. Just black screen on my phone. It is detected by miflash tool. But it is not flashing anything on phone. It is showing success on MiFlash tool but unable to boot phone. I have observed few error logs in MiFlash tool.
    [00001504]CreateManagedObject(1392): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]GetFactoryObject(1436): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]CreateManagedObject(1392): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]GetFactoryObject(1436): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]GetFactoryObject(1457): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00001504]GetSearchPath(1512): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00002604]\?usbstor#disk&ven_qualcomm&prod_mmc_storage&rev_1.00#7&5313ab4&0&1234567890abcdef&0#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b} 132.59 ApplyPatch sector NUM_DISK_SECTORS-1., offset 16, value CRC32(NUM_DISK_SECTORS-1.,92), size 4
    [00002604]GetFactoryObject(1457): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00002604]SaveFlashResult(1478): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)

    I have used QFIL to flash rom. But no success.
    It failed to switch to emergency download mode QPST. I have tried volume + and power button combination to take it in emergency download mode. But nothing appear on phone screen.

    Whenever I connect my phone with computer. It add 6 local disks to my computer. When I tried to format those disks. It fails to format those.

    It all started with encryption failed error.
    After that I tried to flash rom using MiFlash tool. But no success.
    Then I tried fastboot method. But no Success
    I was unable to copy rom using recovery mode. I think usb debugging was not disabled.
    I have seen mount failure in recovery mode.
    The I tried UnzipMe2. I executed format.bat from that and after that my Phone is completely dead. After that my device name change to a long name (something like this usbstor#disk&ven_qualcomm&prod_mmc_storage&rev_1.00#7&5313…), as I have observed in MiFlash tool.
    Then I tried QFIL and I got “failed to switch to emergency download mode” error.

    Please help to unbrick my MI4I.

  • JC GamePlay