MIUI Theme Editor v6.6.30 – MIUI 8 Compatible

MIUI Theme Editor Tool

This app is basically a weapon for many MIUI Theme Designer, the MIUI Theme Editor app. Recently, Xiaomi has released a newer update of this theme maker app. Moreover, this app is now compatible to run on MIUI 8. This new update boasts several performance enhancements. On top of that, several known bugs have been fixed. We believe many theme designers have been waiting for this update to be released. We have seen several MIUI 7 themes already, and now we become too eager waiting for new MIUI 8 themes to be released in the near future.

Interesting theme : Roger Rabbit, a dark elegant MIUI 7 theme.

Notable changelog

  • Special characters such as blank space cannot┬ábe included in the editor catalog.
  • Make sure your phone is connected and is recognized properly by your computer while you are using the editor. If you still can’t get the connection, please try to install Mi Mobile Assistant.
  • Editor of lockscreens has not been updated yet.
  • This build still has no support to the new edition of free launcher yet. Alternatively, users can make use of the previous edition.
  • Window, Linux, and Mac computers are supported. However, due to the nature of Mac OS system, the drag-and-drop function is not available in Mac.

Preview :

Designing MIUI Theme

MIUI Theme Editor UI

MIUI Theme Editor


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Do you want to be one of heroic MIUI Theme designers? Then you must be in need of this tool. Grab it from the link above, install it on your computer, and play around with it. Created your own theme? Why don’t you share it with us. Otherwise, let’s wait for the upcoming new themes to be released, especially many new MIUI 8 themes.

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