Modded Build of TWRP v2.8.1.1 for Redmi 1S

Team Win Recovery Redmi 1S

This is a flash-able package of TWRP v2.8.1.1 for Redmi 1S. The file, namely, is flashable through stock Mi Recovery. Therefore you don’t have to reboot your device into Fastboot mode and you do not also need to use any computer. Simply download the .zip file directly into device’s internal storage, reboot into Mi Recovery by pressing Volume Up (+) and Power buttons simultaneously, and then Install / flash the file. You’ll see TWRP interface appearing during the next time you reboot into recovery again.

Key Features

  • Official TWRP update.
  • All the features of official TWRP build.
  • MTP support added.
  • Some cleanup in repos (by fefifofum).
  • Recovery Touch interactive menu.
  • includes support and ability to use TWRP official app.
  • Full support SELinux. (4.3 +)
  • Backup encrypt function added. (Thanks Kra1o5)
  • Fully functional USB On-The-Go (OTG).
  • MTP support added since 2.8.0.X builds


File name :
Version modded | 651 downloads | 10 MB
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What’s next? Of course you can then root your Redmi 1S by flashing SuperSU through TWRP Recovery.