Prisma – Photo-to-artwork Converter App for Android

Prisma MIUI App

After days waiting for this previously-iOS-only app to come to Android, finally today Prisma Labs Inc. has announced and made this photo-to-artwork converter app available for Android OS. It means that millions of Android users and thousands of MIUI users around the world can download and use this app on their devices. In simple words, Prisma is an app to turn an ordinary photo to amazing artworks. Prisma is equipped with many ready-to-use modern art filters utilizing world’s popular┬ástyles of famous artists like Munk, Picasso, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. The app makes use of artificial intelligence to convert photos taken from phone’s camera into a piece of work of art. However, the artificial intelligence uses complex algorithm processed in their cloud server. Therefore, the only drawback it has is that the users cannot use this app offline (without internet connection) – and it consumes users’ data quota.

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