RaineStorm Pro v2 Based on MIUI 8 v6.6.17 for Redmi Note 3 MTK

MIUI 8 Custom ROM

Are you an adventurous Android user who wants to go to a higher level of just using an Android phone? Are you a person who loves to use a custom Android ROM instead of just using stock ROM? Do you have Redmi Note 3 MediaTek on hands and want to do some magic on it? Meed RaineStorm v2, a custom Android ROM for Redmi Note 3 MTK based on MIUI 8 Developer ROM v6.6.17.

Wait? Are you wondering what are distinctive key features of using this one instead stock MIUI 8? First, the current MIUI 8 is still in China Developer version with no Play Store app and no Google Services installed. Yet, it is also comes pre-rooted with SuperSU per-installed. On top of that? RaineStrom Pro v2 also features following mods :

  • Restored Original BOOT.img
  • SuperSU 2.74 (root)
  • Some Lines to improve battery and smooth
  • Nice Icons added
  • Amazing boot animation (thanks to @jader77)
  • Camera Mod’s
  • Dolby Atmos (Amazing Sound, only on FT edition)
  • Some nice wallpapers added
  • Some Tweaks to improve system stability
  • MultiLang (Thanks to Xiaomi.eu)
  • Deleted some xiaomi app’s and China app’s

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Yup, it is multilanguage which means you can change it to your default language like English – instead of Chinese.

The developer, MrTomatico, stated that he does not and never include Xposed Framework on his ROM for some reason. However, it is still a very amazing and stunning ROM to be flashed on your Redmi Note 3 Hennessy.

The ROM is available in two editions: the TWRP edition and the Flash Tool edition.


TWRP Edition :


MediaTek SP Flash Tool Edition :


How to install

Installing through TWRP

  1. Download the TWRP edition .ZIP  file into your phone.
  2. Reboot your phone into TWRP recovery.
  3. Firstly Wipe: Dalvik, Cache, Data, System but DO NOT WIPE USERDATA.
  4. Install / flash rom zip file as usual.
  5. Reboot.

Installing through SP Flash tool

  1. Download and install SP Flash tool into your computer.
  2. Launch SP Flash tool up as Administrator.
  3. Select download agent file : DA_SWSEC.bin.
  4. Select scatter in “images
  5. Uncheck the Preloader option.
  6. BE SURE that only is checked this three files: “system” “userdata” “boot
  7. Press the Download button.
  8. Turn off your phone.
  9. Press Volume down (-) button and connect it to your PC with original USB cable.
  10. When red bar apear, wait 5 secs and unpress vol (-). Please make sure you see the yellow bar in 9-12 secs.
  11. Wait the yellow bar to be 100%.
  12. Disconect your phone from your computer.
  13. Reboot and enjoy.

So, are you interested? Please kindly share your experience in the comment section below.