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reboot to edl tool

There are various ways to bring your MIUI phone into EDL mode. Previously, we have shared several ways to put Redmi Note 3 to Emergency Download Mode or we may know it simply as EDL. We have also shared a Windows-based tool by Feds64 called RN3 Flasher Toolkit to do the job. Bricked Redmi Note 3 device may need much more time and many efforts to put the device into EDL – read: how to unbrick Redmi Note 3. Now we are going to share another tool to ease the process.

Meet “Reboot to EDL” tool by Emuzychenko – credits belong to him. This tool is basically a simple batch script made with only one purpose in ind: taking Redmi Note 3 into EDL mode right from its Fastboot mode. It means all you have to do are booting your phone into Fastboot mode and execute the script and let it do the magic.


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Here’s en explanation about how this script works:

Redmi Note 3 support rebooting to EDL in Android Bootloader aboot module (the “reboot-edl” command) but fastboot utility doesn’t recognize “reboot-edl” in the command line and refuses to sent the command to the device. Since FastBoot command protocol is simple and text-based, it is enough to send a packet containing “reboot-edl” text over USB. The simplest way to do that is to patch Windows fastboot.exe file, replacing “reboot-bootloader” text with “reboot-edl”. As “reboot-bootloader” string is found in the command line, fastboot.exe sends the same constant string to the device. So if “reboot-bootloader” is replaced with “reboot-edl”, you can specify “reboot-edl” in the command line and the same text will be sent to the device.

How to use it

Step 1 – Download it from the link above and extract the .zip file using Winzip or Winrar.

Step 2 – Now turn off your phone and reboot it into Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power buttons simultaneously until you’ve seen Fastboot Bunny logo.

Step 3 – Connect your phone to your PC using its USB cable.

Step 4 – Open up Windows Explorer on your PC and go to the location / folder of where you have extracted the package.

Step 5 – Double-click the “Reboot.bat” file to run it.

Step 6 – Press any key to continue.

Step 7 – and Voila! The Fastboot Bunny will then disappear and your phone should now in EDL mode.

Step 8 – You can then test it on Mi Flash Tool and hit the Refresh button. Your phone should now recognized there.

Step 9 – That’s it. You can now either flash MIUI ROM on RN3 with locked  bootloader or do anything you wanna do through EDL mode.

What do you think? It is faster then any other methods, isn’t it? What do you think?

  • Humam Jetra

    thx this is magic, you are saving my phone’s life… is this gonna work on redmi 3s prime? my sister’s phone can”t enter into edl mode, everytime i try to enter edl mode, it always reboot just like usual..

  • Stein

    Waiting for device….