Redmi Note 3 MTK Root App

Redmi Note 3 MTK Root App Tool

Normally users of Redmi Note 3 who want to root their phones need to firstly flash custom recovery like TWRP then flash SuperSU with it. Those two tasks for some people can be too hassle or arduous. That’s why one-click root tools like KingRoot app are popular among many Android users. Moreover, some developers have also developed their own device-specific root app. We have posted about Classic Root tool with ability to root Redmi Note 3 MTK running v7.2.5. Now you’ll see similar app with similar functionalities but it is more powerful.

Meet “Root Redmi Note 3” app! A nice app to root your Redmi Note 3 MediaTek running almost any MIUI versions. The name tells us about what this app is for. However, this app is not a one-click root tool. There are two necessary steps you have to undergo before you will be able to use this app directly on your phone.


Developer : Nguyentankiet. Credits and thanks belong to him.

Please use Winzip or Winrar to extract the .apk file into your computer. You can also use ES File Explorer to extract it directly on your phone.

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How to use it? Read: How to Root Redmi Note 3 MTK on any latest MIUI version.