SP Flash Tool v5.1620 (Windows version)

SP Flash Tool is a Windows-based smart phone flashing utility with ability to flash stock ROM, custom ROM, custom Recovery, fixing hard brick device and also fixing some extreme cases ( firmware update, Flash recovery, unbrick bricked android device etc.) Basically this tool support smartphones from any brand as long as it is powered with Mediatek chipset regardless what model the smartphone is.

It means, if you have a Xiaomi phone powered with MediaTek chipset like the Redmi Note 2, then most probably you can use this awesome tool.

Key features / Capabilities

  • Flashing to Android stock ROM (scatter based)
  • Flash Custom ROM (scatter based)
  • Application for Fixing Bricked device.
  • Advanced Memory testing and verifying.
  • Read / Write parameters.
  • Erasing / Formatting / Reset Your MTK based device.


Below we provide a direct hot link to download SP Flash Tool from our US-based server. We mirror it freely for you and the file is original, untouched and unaltered. Enjoy it..

p.s: Please report back to me if you have difficulties downloading the file. I’ll be happy to make another mirror copy.


File name :
Version 5.1620 | 10691 downloads | 44 MB
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File name :
Version 5.1524.00.000 | 5733 downloads | 40 MB
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File name :
Version 5.1516.00 | 66063 downloads | 40 MB
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  • Nai Bobby (Robert)

    The SP-Flash-Tool-exe-v5.1516.00.zip is not expandable with Windows 10 tools. Also, it does not finishes to download, like many other files that you propose for download.

    • farieznur

      It’s most probably your connection. I tried several times downloading the files from different IPs and it works as expected. Extracted the files on Windows 8.1 and it works just fine. Unluckily I can’t confirm it on Windows 10 since I don’t have it. Thanks for your tips anyway

  • Rahul Gogad

    how to open xp 3

  • Vangelis Mitrousis

    Would you please check again the download link? This is what I get, when I am trying to download the tool:

    • farieznur

      Gosh! Thank you! Updated the link.

  • Ildar Mulyukov

    Is there a Linux version?

  • Antonio Laneve

    Dosen`t let me downloading

  • Oktaviany Ferry Triastanto

    redmi 6