Elek Gan : The Most Beautiful MIUI 8 Theme

Elek Gan MIUI 8 Theme UI Style

Feel a distinctive experience of MIUI 8 User Interface (UI) on current Xiaomi device using Elek Gan, the most beautiful MIUI 7 theme with 99% resemblance to MIUI 8. It does not only change your MIUI skin but also enhance it looks and style. Designed by a member of MIUI Designer Team called Dhelanz, Elek Gan boasts its flat, simple, and clean UI design and styles – just like the original MIUI8.

Simply download the .mtz file from the link below into your phone’s storage, and then install it through Theme manager app on your device. It’s just that simple and easy.

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Elek Gan MIUI 8 Theme UI

Elek Gan MIUI 8 Theme UI Style Design

For your information, MIUI 8 is currently still in public Alpha version which its China Build is available for download (until the time I posted this article). However, for some people it is easier to install the theme rather than flashing the full MIUI ROM. Therefore, you can now feel MIUI 8 awesomeness by simply installing Elek Gan MIUI theme downloadable below :


Official Zutti Link :


Mirror download link to its .mtz file stored in our US server :

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