Mi Lanting : Sleek Official MIUI Font

MIUI8 Mi Lanting Font Design

Many MIUI fans just could not wait for the worldwide availability of MIUI 8, the most anticipated major update of Xiaomi’s popular Android ROM. Announced along with Mi Max at Mi Product Launch Event in China, the MIUI8 features many new performance enhancements, bugs fixed, and of course new creative features. Read MIUI 8 key features. One of notable features is Mi Lanting which is the official font style of Xiaomi. It means so far Xiaomi is the third mobile phone company that developed its own font for its mobile OS right after Apple and Google.

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What’s so special about this font? For your information, the company has spent approximately one and a half year to find the proper design. The company also claimed that Mi Lanting will enhance and refine users’ mobile reading experience because the font is designed for the comfort of the eyes of MIUI users. The VP, Mr. Fong Heng, also claimed that users will still feel comfortable even after 6 hours reading on their phones. What?? Are you curious? Luckily, you can enjoy this font installed on your MIUI device earlier than it should be. Just download the ready-to-use MIUI font below and install it on your phone.

MIUI8 new Fonts Style


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