TWRP v2.8.7.0 for Redmi Note 2

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is a popular and phenomenal custom Recovery which is generally available for many Android devices ranging from smartphone, phablet and tablet. The coolest thing about TWRP is its touchscreen-enabled feature. Yup, with this recovery you can navigate to various features by just tapping on your device’s screen instead of using Volume up/down and power button. Yup, I mean it’s just like using your smartphone as usual.

UPDATE: TWRP v3.0.2-0 (newer) for Redmi Note 2 has been released.

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TWRP Features

  • Open Source – Source is hosted on GitHub
  • Graphical User Interface – TWRP is designed as a touch friendly visual recovery as opposed to other recoveries which are text based and may only allow hardware key input.
  • Theme Support – Custom themes can be imported to enable custom graphics and colors.
  • Sideloading support – Connect a USB and load flashable zips from your PC using adb.
  • Zip Queue – Flash up to ten zip files at once.
  • Battery Indicator – See current battery percentage. (Plus symbol indicates charging)
  • Compressed Backups – Save up to 50% space vs other recoveries’ nandroid backups.
  • Terminal Emulator – Use commands from recovery mode.
  • File Manager – Access files from recovery mode.
  • Android Encryption Support – Flash zips with encryption enabled.
  • Encrypted Backups – Protect your nandroid backups with a password.
  • Selective Backups and Restore – Select individual partitions from nandroid.
  • Keyboard Supported – Name your backups.
  • USB OTG – Flash zips and restore backups stored on external flash drives.
  • Mouse Support – Connect a mouse with USB as a backup alternative to touch input.
  • SELinux – Support for ROMs with Security Enhanced Linux
  • Repair Filesystem – Attempt to fix issues with damaged filesystems.
  • SuperSU – Install root access and superuser app if your ROM is not rooted.
  • OpenScript Recovery – Automatically Flash from Android apps.

What’s new in

  • Initial ground work for software drawn keyboard (_that)
  • Fix handling of wiping internal storage on datamedia devices (xuefer)
  • Allow DataManager to set and read values from the system properties (xuefer)
  • Fix crash when taking screenshots on arm64 devices
  • Fix error message after an ORS script completes (Dees_Troy)
  • Fix crashes / error when creating encrypted backups (_that, Dees_Troy)
  • Add system read only option – more details below (Dees_Troy)
  • Add resize2fs and GUI option to run resize2fs (Dees_Troy)
  • Fix crash loop caused by empty lines in AOSP recovery command file (_that)
  • Prevent duplicate page overlays such as multiple lock screens (mdmower)

TWRP for Redmi Note 2: The below version is a custom mod version of TWRP v2.8.7 with support for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. Go ahead download the file below:

File name :
Version | 14842 downloads | 16 MB
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File name :
Version | 171698 downloads |
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  • Yatin Rane

    I rooted phone without backup , when i restarted now it is not starting , it is just showing “MI & android” screen. pls help.

    • farieznur

      The reboot process after rooting may take awhile. But if its stuck, then you better flash MIUI fastboot rom to reset / reinstall your phone’s system

      • Yatin Rane

        Thanks no need to fastboot , it is working now.

        • Marc-Andre Bordeleau

          @yatinrane:disqus Did you do anything special to make it work? I have the same problem here (rooted my Redmi Note 2 and it’s not booting anymore after the rooting…… just showing “MI & android” screen and seems to be stuck there….

          • Yatin Rane

            I had this problem when the “rooting” was not properly done, I done the rooting again & problem got resolved. when you are re-rooting ,make sure you erased all data before starting rooting & also check whether you have downloaded correct version of root file for your phone.

          • Marc-Andre Bordeleau

            Thanks Yatin.

            I have reinstalled following the instructions from and it has solved the problem (using “Redmi Note 2 Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File Download”)… I still don’t have root permissions, but at least my Redmi Note 2 works fine now. For getting root permissions, I guess I’ll have to install the Developer ROM.

            For the records, the instructions that had created my problem and made my phone unbootable were taken from
            So, be careful if you intend to follow these instructions.

  • Bishal Basnet

    everytime I try I get the same old msg that installation update. zip failed….! and there seems to be no other way…..can you plz help ?

    • jeiffen siewij

      Well I have a same problem as you. As many time as I have tried, the result just the same, failed!! I don’t know why and I have done all the instruction. please somebody help me because I am really newbie for this. thanks

  • jeiffen siewij

    Please someone help me solve my problem. Everytime I try to install it always shows “ corrupted”. I dont know why. I tried to download it again then try to install it but the result just the same. So if anybody knows how to solve this, please, help me solve this problem. Thanks

  • Hendy Fauzy

    bad languange, this is copy paste URL,,, damn!! go to hell boy