TWRP v2.8.7 for Redmi Note 3

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Need to replace Xiaomi’s default recovery with touchscreen-enabled custom recovery on your Redmi Note 3? Then you can grab the Team Win Recovery Project or -known as- TWRP Recovery. The coolest thing about TWRP is its touchscreen-enabled feature. Therefore, with this recovery, you can navigate to various features by just tapping on your device’s screen instead of using Volume up/down and power button. Sounds cool enough? Then wait till you really use it and feel its awesomeness.

The Redmi Note 2 version of TWRP is available here.

TWRP Features

  • Open Source – Source is hosted on GitHub
  • Graphical User Interface – TWRP is designed as a touch friendly visual recovery as opposed to other recoveries which are text based and may only allow hardware key input.
  • Theme Support – Custom themes can be imported to enable custom graphics and colors.
  • Sideloading support – Connect a USB and load flashable zips from your PC using adb.
  • Zip Queue – Flash up to ten zip files at once.
  • Battery Indicator – See current battery percentage. (Plus symbol indicates charging)
  • Compressed Backups – Save up to 50% space vs other recoveries’ nandroid backups.
  • Terminal Emulator – Use commands from recovery mode.
  • File Manager – Access files from recovery mode.
  • Android Encryption Support – Flash zips with encryption enabled.
  • Encrypted Backups – Protect your nandroid backups with a password.
  • Selective Backups and Restore – Select individual partitions from nandroid.
  • Keyboard Supported – Name your backups.
  • USB OTG – Flash zips and restore backups stored on external flash drives.
  • Mouse Support – Connect a mouse with USB as a backup alternative to touch input.
  • SELinux – Support for ROMs with Security Enhanced Linux
  • Repair Filesystem – Attempt to fix issues with damaged filesystems.
  • SuperSU – Install root access and superuser app if your ROM is not rooted.
  • OpenScript Recovery – Automatically Flash from Android apps.

TWRP for the Redmi Note 3 – The below version is a custom mod version of TWRP v2.8.7 with support for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Go ahead download the file from our US server below:

**I couldn’t confirm whether this will work on Redmi Note 3 Pro but most likely it does.

File name :
Version 2.8.7 | 20542 downloads | 16 MB
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