TWRP v3.0 Custom Recovery for Redmi Note 3

twrp recovery v3.0 redmi note 3

This is the base package to root your Redmi Note 3. The .zip file contains ADB files, TWRP v3.0 and boot image (.img) file. The file is stored in our US based server for your convenient download. Team Win Recovery Project which is known as TWRP is one of popular custom recovery for many Android devices including Xiaomi models. The coolest thing about TWRP is its touchscreen-enabled feature. Therefore, with this recovery, you can navigate to various features by just tapping on your device’s screen instead of using Volume up/down and power button. Sounds cool enough? Then wait till you really use it and feel its awesomeness.

I’ve posted TWRP v2.8.7 for Redmi Note 3 previously. However this one is its newer version but compiled by different developer so most likely you’ll get different user interface.

twrp v3 redmi note 3

Content of the package :

kenzo twrp package

How to install TWRP on Redmi Note 3? Simply download the package and read the “TWRP Install README.txt” file

File name :
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  • Shahin Mb

    Chineese TWRP , how to make it english

  • Mihir

    what is the pssword to decrypt data to mount internal storage