xMIUI : Tune Up MIUI 7 Interface Awesomely

xMIUI 7 Xposed Module

For some advanced users, Xposed Framework is considered as one of must-have apps for their rooted device due to its ability to tweak the appearance of default user interace (UI) coming with their stock ROM. Xposed gives freedom for its users to alter several UI behaviors and displays without having to cook and flash their own custom Android ROM. However, the framework also comes and requires modules to make the customization process easier.

Meet xMIUI, an Xposed module featuring so many distinctive UI enhancements. When applied on Xposed Framework, this module allows you to customize many areas of your phone’s UI including :

  • Customize grid columns and rows in launcher
  • Customize launcher icons size, labels, hotseat labels
  • Customize number of columns on open folder
  • Customize recent tasks animation
  • Customize notification icons like AOSP icons
  • Flexible customization of icons in status bar (positions, size and so on)
  • Allows display notifications text in status bar
  • Allows to expand notifications by clicking it
  • Allows to select widget that will be displayed on lockscreen (may not works with custom themes)
  • Allows to answer incoming call by placing phone closely to ear
  • Allows to switch audio route from ear-speaker to speaker by proximity sensor
  • PIN with time option
  • Customize hardware buttons actions
  • Customize volume settings
  • iOS Statusbar like
  • Mi Home MOD
  • Statusbar MOD (you can freely edit position of your statusbar icon)
  • Add Widget on Lockscreen (default theme only)
  • Auto answer call (use proximity sensor, uatomatically answer calls when you place your phone near your ear)
  • Auto switch speaker mode on active calls (when you put your phone away from ear, automatically switch to loudspeaker mode)
  • Recent task app animation
  • Notification Ticker (show your notification details)
  • Expand notification
  • AOSP notification icon (AOSP like icon)
  • Persistent clock (show/hide your clock when default clock widget are active)
  • Dim Screen (control brightness on your phone)
  • Hardware key features

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xMIUI Preview


xMIUI Module APK:

File name :
Version 0.1.2 alpha | 765 downloads | 409 KB
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Xposed Framework Installer :


Please choose based on your device Android version :

  • MIUI based on ANDROID 5.0 = SDK21
  • MIUI based on ANDROID 5.1 = SDK22
  • MIUI based on ANDROID 6.0 = SDK23

Anyway, current version you can download above is still in Alpha release so you may expect some bugs. Please visit its official thread at XDA Developers or at MIUI Forum to submit any queries regarding your experience in using this mod.