Xposed Framework for Redmi Note 3

Xposed Framework for MIUI Redmi Note 3

What do you think if you could change or modify many aspects of the Android system on your phone without having to install custom ROM? Wait! Is that even possible? The answers are Yes and Yes! You can tweak many vital aspects of your phone using a powerful weapon called Xposed Framework. It is not something new but it is very powerful and popular.

To cut long story short, Xposed Framework is an all-in-one utility allows Android users to modify and tweak existing system without having to install a new custom ROM. But still, it needs root to operate successfully. Commonly, developers have to modify system APK files in order to perform various low-level tweaks. Therefore, they usually release those changes in a form of a custom ROM. On the other hand, flashing custom ROM is usually still troublesome for many users. On top of that, many users still think a lot before then they decide to install custom ROM. Hence, Xposed Framework comes to fill the need of users who want to tweak their system without having to flash custom ROM.

Unluckily, Xposed Framework is not widely compatible with just any Android phone. There are still devices need custom compiled build of it. Moreover, each particular phone needs particular version of the tool. Hence, here’s the Xposed Framework compatible for Redmi Note 3 running MIUI 7.

Download Xposed Framework

Here’s the MIUI Edition of Xposed Framework made for Redmi Note 3 :

File name :
Version 79 sdk21 arm64 | 20677 downloads | 6 MB
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File name :
Version 78 sdk21 arm64 | 6452 downloads | 6 MB
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And here’s the Xposed Installer v3.0 Alpha 4 edition :

File name :
Xposed_Installer_3.0 alpha4.zip
Version 3.0 alpha 4 | 3571 downloads | 341 KB
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