DZ09D Smartwatch Review

Today we will be reviewing the DZ09D smartwatch. We will be delving into the various features and systems that this Chinese smartwatch has and determine how worthwhile it is to purchase.

Firstly check out the smartwatch for yourself at Gearbest (link –, you will see a range of DZ09D smartwatches on here so you know exactly what we are talking about.

One of the most important things you will notice about the DZ09D is how cheap it is. So because of the price, let us see exactly what you are getting for the small amount of money you are paying.

Are you throwing your money away, or is it worth its weight in gold?

Unpacking the DZ09Dunboxing

After receiving the package from the above mentioned site there are a few things you need to notice. The package itself comes in a very sturdy cardboard box – just like most Chinese smartwatches do.

On top of the cardboard box is a printed image design of what appears to be a smart watch, this helps the customers understand the device that is inside the box. As well as this, there are two stickers also on top of the box lid, they indicate the important features that the SmartWatch has to offer.

There is nothing else to describe about the appeal of the box.

Once you have opened the cardboard box you will see the DZ09D smartwatch safely embedded in black dense foaming.

Full contents of the box include:

  • The DZ09D Smart watch

  • The smart watch USB charger

  • A European network adapter

  • DZ09D user guide to the smart watch

  • A 380 mAH battery

  • Screen saver

The look of the DZ09D smart watchdz09-smart-watch

The DZ09D smartwatch has an OGS HS IPS LCD front screen, it is 1.56 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The word “SmartWatch” is lit up in the center of the smart watches screen.

On the back of the DZ09D smart watch there is no sign of a logo or small imprinted information – but this is usually the case for most similar smartwatch devices on the market. If we remove the back cover we will be able to clearly see the battery for the smart watch.

This very affordable Chinese smart watch is powered by a 380 mAH lithium capacity battery. There is imprinted information on the battery, specifying the details of it and providing the customer with more knowledge about the battery itself.

If you remove the battery from the DZ09D smart watch you will see slots for a micro SD card, and a port that is capable of holding a micro SIM.

On top of the DZ09D smartwatch we see its 0.3-megapixel camera that has a 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The bottom of the smart watch shows the only button feature that it has. On the left hand side face of the smartwatch device is a micro USB charging port, that is protected by a small fitted rubber cap. The cap is the same as on most technological devices that have charging ports nowadays, and is there to prevent any dust or small items from getting inside and causing problems.

The strap of the DZ09D smart watch is made from rubber, which makes it perfect for any style of wear – sports or business – and it is also comfortable and stylish. The smartwatch strap buckle is made of a metal material, and it not interchangeable.

The DZ09D smartwatch specifications:

Physical specs;

  • Model – DZ09D

  • Ports – Micro USB

  • Battery – 380 mAH Li-lon

  • SIM – Micro SIM

  • Camera – 0.3 mega pixels

  • Camera Resolution – 320 x 240 res pixel

  • Screen – 1.56 inches TFT LCD HD OGS

  • Dimensions – 43.5 mm x 40 mm x 9.8 mm

  • Weight – 51 grams

  • Colors – Black, Bronze and White

Technological specs;

  • Processor – 533 MHz CPU MTK6260A

  • Memory – 128 MB Card 64 MB

  • Expandable Memory – To 32 GB

  • Audio Format – AMR, AAC, MIDI and MP3

  • Video Format – 3GP, AVI and MP4

  • Photo Format – JPG and GIF

System Features;

  • Bluetooth – Yes: Version 3.0

  • Bluetooth Talk Time – Approx. 3.5 hours

  • Bluetooth Standby Time – Approx. 120 hours

  • Networks – GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz

  • Standby Mode – Approx. 180 hours

  • Talk Time – Approx. 3 hours

  • Available Languages – Danish, English, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish

DZ09D watchfaces, themes and menus


The cheap DZ09D Chinese smartwatch allows customers to pick from 3 unique styles of watchfaces. Each depict the standard circular shape and analog styles of a normal watch, but have different designs, shading colors and looks.


The DZ09D offers more variety on the themes than it does with watchfaces – customers can choose from 5 colorful and vibrant themes to their smartwatch.


There are 7 different menu screens in the DZ09D Chinese smartwatch. See the list below for more detail;

  • The First Screen contains: call logs, BT Bluetooth Dialer and messages.

  • Second Screen has: the remote camera, notifications, anti-lost feature and adjustments.

  • The Third Screen contains: alert inactivity, pedometer, sleep tracker and a QR code.

  • The Fourth Screen has: a search feature, alarm clock, calculator and calendar.

  • Fifth Screen shows: the Users profile, file manager, themes and music player.

  • The Sixth Screen contains: the camera, image viewer, FM radio and video recording.

  • The Final Seventh Screen contains: browser, tool kit, video player and sound recorder.

The Features of the DZ09D smartwatchcolours

The DZ09D Chinese smartwatch has a lot of interesting features for such a cheap device on the market.

Let us take a look at them:

  • Remote Camera – The remote camera is able to be controlled using the smartwatch “remote camera” feature. You can trigger it to take an image and it will be displayed on the screen.

  • Remote Music – Using the Bluetooth feature, you are able to play and listen to music stored on your smartphone view your smartwatch.

  • Anti-Inactivity – The DZ09D smartwatch will sound a small alarm if you have been inactive for quite some time – meaning you have to get up and move around!

  • Sleep Tracker – Tracks the amount of hours sleep you get a night.

  • Sound Recorder – Allows you to record conversations, sounds and music, anything you want.

  • Pedometer – Helps keep track of your heartbeat, distance in steps you have traveled and your speed.

  • Push Notifications – This feature is smart, any notification that you get on your smartphone will also be triggered of on your smartwatch.

  • Anti-Lost – As your smartphone is linked to your smartwatch via Bluetooth, it gives of beeping sounds if it gets too far away. This way you can never forget or leave behind your smartphone.

  • Mobile Search – This helps you track down and find your smartphone quicker when the smartwatch starts beeping.

Other useful features include:

  • An alarm

  • Bluetooth headphones

  • Calculator

  • Calendar

  • Call log

  • Compass

  • Diary

  • Freehands

  • Message log

  • Notifications

DZ09D vs GV18

If you want to know how good the DZ09D is, you have to compare it to another similar Chinese smartwatch in the market.

In terms of appearance they are both very similar looking. They could easily even be mistaken for duplicate smart watches. The only true difference is that the DZ09D has a button below its screen.

When we delve into the internal specifications of both the Chinese smart watches we begin to see the differences. First of all, the GV18 has a bigger battery than the DZ09D; it uses a 450 mAH capacity as oppose to the 380 mAH capacity. Secondly, the speaker for the GV18 is placed towards the front of the smartwatch face, in the same place the DZ09D has its button. The speaker for the DZ09D is located on the back.

Both of these smart watches are powered using the same Mediatek MTK6260A processor, that has a 533 MHz clock speed. The DZ09D and GV18 also both share the same 3.0 version of Bluetooth for synchronizing. They both also have the ability to allow users to expand the storage on the smartwatch up to 32GB through the microSD card slot, and the micro SIM USB port.

Since we already know the physical aspects of the DZ09D Chinese smartwatch, let us take a look at the GV18 physicals to compare;





43.5 mm x 40 mm x 9.8mm

58.5 mm x 39.5 mm x 12.3 mm


51 grams

65 grmas

As you can see from the table above, the GV18 smartwatch is bigger and heavier than our reviews DZ09D product.

Besides the battery details and physical dimensions of the two smart watches, both are very similar in terms of their make-up and system features. They are both good value for money smart watches.

However, in comparison, we will go for the DZ09D as the better option.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and found all the information relevant and useful.

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