Get Google Assistant on Marshmallow & Nougat Devices (No Root)

Google Assistant is the newest personal assisting AI to come out of the infamous Google and Android duo, and boy, is it a great improvement over the previous AIs to come out of any of these smartphone and other smartdevice companies. Not only can she talk to you, but she can intelligently (like real intelligence, sorry not sorry, Siri) give you answers and feedback based on the questions and requests you provide her.

She has been officially being launched and now comes with all Android and Google devices on the market for free. Plus, she has been added in an update across the entire scope of Google and Android users. Her popularity is spreading and it is about time to make sure you have her downloaded, so you can join the rest of the world in this amazing innovation.

However, in this tutorial we will be specifically talking about the devices that now have Google Assistant that run under Marshmallow and Nougat device registry without the need to root your device. Due to the update being specific to certain regions and out casting others for the time being, here is a way to make sure you get Google Assistant despite your location or phone status.

So follow us, and figure out how to effectively use your new tailor-made Google Assistant.

First, Let’s Get Actual Beta of Google Assistantgoogle assistant without root

This section is showing you how to download the actual beta of Google Assistant onto your personal Marshmallow or Nougat device. If you have the beta already downloaded, feel free to skip this section. *Realize you must download the official Google app if you skip this part of the process.

  1. Go into your preferred browser and internet source. Search for Google Play services beta.
  2. You will get a result that leads you to an apkmirror link. Download and open this file.
  3. Now open the Google Play store and look up the official Google Application. Download it to your device.
  4. Open the official Google application and scroll to the bottom. There will be an option to become a beta tester now available to you. Click on the link, and tap ‘I’m in!’
  5. Once you have finished that, you will find the latest version of the beta available to you. Now you just have to update that and then update your phone if need be.

Now, It’s Time to Activate Google Assistant On Your Personal Device

Here we will actually get Google Assistant to properly activate and be accessible on your device. Follow these steps carefully and precisely, or you may end up having a few issues.

  1. Go to your Setting app menu. Scroll down to find the Language tab and the Inputs option. Tap on this option to open it.
  2. You must assign English as your main language. Remove all others in this process.
    • Don’t Worry! You can re-add them after the process is done and finished!
  3. Go back to the main menu of your Settings App and scroll until you find the Apps tab. Click on this to open it.
  4. Search within your list of apps for the official Google app you downloaded earlier and open it. Guide yourself to the manage space and choose to clear all of your data in the registry.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Google Play application.
  6. Once that is all finished, go back to your home screen. You must now delete all of your apps from the recent dropdown area. Also clear all the aps from running in your background by double tapping and swiping them away.
  7. Now comes the easy part, simply press the Home button with a soft tap and a pop-up screen will appear, “Get started using Google Assistant on your Smart Device?” Accept the proposal from the prompt with the option, “Yes.”
  8. Your phone will automatically update and restart. After all that is done (Do NOT do this step before!) turn off your phone completely. Allow it to set to the side for 2 full minutes without touching it.
  9. Restart your phone by turning it on after the 2-minute wait time. These last two steps are to make sure that your phone has stabilized all of the updates it was recently surged with.

And with that, your phone is ready and equipped to use Google Assistant as you please!

Final Concluding Thoughts

Thankfully, with this new method you can now download Google Assistant in a manner that is safe and easy on your smartphone. Diminishing the need to root your Marshmallow or Nougat Smart Device creates a much more satisfying and easy to use way to enable this essential new update. So enjoy your new download and keep yourself up to date with the use of your fresh and brand new Google Assistant.