8+ Awesome Google Assistant Tricks You Must Try (2017)

Google Assistant is the newest and, hands down, the latest huge addition to the Android and Google-affiliated devices available today. Not only does she get things done efficiently, but by the books. With the use of your voice, you can get everything you need to get done on your smartphone and more in a pinch!

Of course, with the latest update, there are endless ways to utilize Google Assistant in a cool, convenient, and amazing way. It all just depends on what you need to get done. And, amazingly, this assistant can do just about anything that is related to your smartphone at the drop of a hat.

Here we have calculated eight (Yes, count them, 8!) awesome Google Assistant tricks you must get to know! These are based on the things people most often need done, the things people look for in a necessary assistant, and just the scale of cool to interstellarly astounding. So, sit back and relax as we go over the 8 most note-worthy things you can do with your new Google Assistant.

1. Unlock All Your Goodies with Your New Assistant

Once you’ve set up all your preferred settings and controls within the Google Assistant tab in your phone’s Settings application, you should have registered your voice as a “Trusted Voice”. This basically means that Google Assistant can recognize your voice as one of or the sole voice that controls the phone. Like in the cool world of James Bond, you’ve voice is tuned into a password!

Yep, not only does Google Assistant recognize your voice and mannerisms from other individuals, but she will only take Assistant orders from you. This particular feature includes opening and unlocking your phone. Forget the tapping and finger recognition. Now all you need is your precious vocal chords.

Just say, “Ok, Google” and BAM! Your phone is now unlocked. After doing that you can then direct her to open your favorite apps to wherever you’d desire. Like, “Ok, Google: Open Pinterest,” and your new animatronic assistant will ‘assist’ you there.

2. Control Your Display Settings with A Quick Question

It can be a drag having to exit your current application to swipe and slide over to the Settings application just to adjust basic settings like Brightness, Text Size, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the new Flashlight, etc. Now you don’t have to worry about that, you’ve got a fancy assistant on your hands.

Stop interrupting your fun time by just asking Google Assistant to make all the necessary adjustments for you. Tranquilly say, “Ok, Google: Adjust Brightness to 80%,” and watch the screen darken before your eyes.

Pull a pushy Nancy moment and give her three adjustments at once. This assistant is efficient, so she’ll get them all done within a matter of 5 seconds. Now that’s a hard worker!

3. Translate Foreign Words in Real Time!

Now I would be lying if I didn’t say this was my favorite of all the newest Google Assistant features. Need to translate something in a jiffy? Travel a lot, but never learn the language? Google Assistant’s got you covered.

Whether it be actual phrases, sentences, or advertisements, your pleasant assistant will help you transcribe every word into your mother tongue. All you have to do is tell her in the foreign language what you need translated into the desired language, “Ok, Google: Translate Besame into English.” And she’ll happily respond with the proper translation: “Kiss me”

yeah, you may want to step away from that weird stranger.

But, the fun doesn’t end here! If you download the corresponding Google Translate app, you can ask Google Assistant to translate unknown language texts from pictures you’re currently or have previously snapshotted.

She’ll take you to the Google Translate application and all you have to do is highlight the text in the picture you want translated, and she’ll tell you with swift ease. Talk about multilingual.

4. Navigate Your Way with The Help of Google Assist

Are you prone to getting lost? Maybe, you’re still out traveling like the scene from our previous trick. Google Assistant can get you out of that sticky situation.

Just ask Google Assistant of your current location and she’ll let you know where exactly on the map you are standing, “Ok, Google: What is my current location?”. She’ll then prompt you if you’d like directions somewhere, and all you’ve got to do is tell her your desired final destination.

You can also do this with simple inquiries. Maybe you’re looking for the nearest ice cream shop on a blazingly hot day. Just ask, “Ok, Google: Where is the nearest tasty ice cream shop?” And she’ll calculate a result for you and you’ll be a few minutes and drive away from your tasty, cold treat.

And with that quick interaction, you’re no longer stressing about making it where you want to be by wandering like a lost duck. Take control of where you’re stepping and start new adventures with this easy to use trick.

5. Make Her Your Real Assistant with Reminders, Meetings, And Calls

What’s the point of an assistant when you can’t ask her to do real assistant work?! Well, thankfully, this assistant is fully equipped and can take those basic orders within a pinch and a blink of an eye.

Get your appointments squared away, your calendar updated, and a reminder to tell your real assistant to stop putting sugar in your venti mocha frappe. Just a quick, “Ok, Google: Set a Reminder to tell Veronica to ease off on all the extra sugar in my coffee.” And when the time comes, she’ll tell off Veronica about her overcompensating sugar additions.

If only Google Assistant could make and/or buy your coffee for you in the morning…sigh, dammit, Veronica, not again. “Ok, Google: Set a meeting at 2:00 pm labeled “Fire Veronica.”

6. Self DJ Your Musical Life with Satisfying Ease

Have you ever been in the mode to not jostle around with your phone’s music apps? Just want to get the music playing in the moment, well now you can with the help of your savvy Google Assistant. Just tell your new assistant exactly what’d you’d like to access.

Whether it be Pandora, “Ok, Google: Play the Grease soundtrack in Pandora.”

Spotify, “Ok, Google: Play the Chill Christmas Mix in Spotify.”

Or your personal songs, “Ok, Google: Play “We Belong Together by Mariah Carey in my downloads.”

And now your life has been brightened with the joys of beautiful, electric, or soothing musical sounds. Plus, you can ask Google Assistant to adjust the volume accordingly while you in the midst of dancing around like a wannabe ballerina in the cramped space of your mini room.

Just say, “Ok, Google: Change Volume to 100,” and you’re singing will go from this, “Ooh Hoo Hoo, You’re the one that I want,~” to this, “OOH HOO HOO, YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT.~~~~”

Maybe you should listen to your songs at 50 percent…you’re gonna wake up the neighborhood with that voice.

7. Math Is Now a Thing of the Tragic Past! (Thank God!)

No more do you have to subject yourself to feeling like a geometry failure because you can’t figure out the cos degree of an isosceles triangle off the top of your head. Plead to your Google Assistant, and she’ll give you the answer without you needing to burn your brain in the process. And, thankfully, this feature comes in handy for the four basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), as well as, all the complicated stuff.

But I do have to warn, this won’t work for understanding how to do the problem or showing all the work to get to the final calculated answer. You’ll still have to endure a 30 minute YouTube video on trigonometry and solving geometric proofs. So, utilize this feature with caution, kids!

8. Stay Up to Date On the Latest News as It’s Being Reported

Our final featurette is about the easy access to daily news. Whether it be national, international, or close-by and regional, Google Assistant can keep you up to date on the current goings on in our ever-changing world. Just give a quick holler to Google Assistant and she’ll pull up the latest articles on whatever you are trying to get the 411 on.

This can include basic things like, “Ok, Google: Show me the latest news from today in the United States,” and she’ll have it all lined up for you to choose from.

Or you can be way more specific by saying, “Ok, Google, Show me the latest articles about the Bradgelina breakup.”

Now you’re in the know and you’ll get to stay there.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve gotten a taste of just how wonderful Google Assistant can be, go out and share your new tips and tricks with the world. Assist yourself all the way to the bank, your house, and back. Fly, my students! Fly away to your ever-beautiful technologically advanced future!