Google Tez Is Now Available on Xiaomi Platforms!

What is Google Tez?

Google Tez is a service for mobile devices that is designed to make various types of payments and is specifically catered to users in India. Now Xiaomi has included Tez as one of its payment options, and this benefits Xiaomi’s e-commerce markets that are located in India. Because of the introduction of this service, paperless transactions are available for shoppers on and Mi’s mobile app store. Every single purchase can now be made by taking funds straight from your bank account.Google tez on xiaomi phones

How to Use Tez

In order to use Tez and make transactions as simple as possible, users need to select the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) option, select Tez, and enter your UPI ID. If you don’t know your ID, you can find it on your Google Tez profile. Finally, you can confirm your payment. In conjunction with the introduction of Google Tez, Xiaomi is offering and promoting an end-of-the-year sale. Users can make purchases effortlessly on Xiaomi’s website or app and take advantage of the sale at the same time.

Xiaomi’s Statistics

Between the website and the mobile Mi Store app, there are millions of users and visitors each month. Specifically, has over 21 million monthly visitors and over a million active users per day. Boasting similar stats, the Mi Store app has 20 million app installations, approximately 6 million organic downloads from the Google Play store, and it has mostly positive ratings and reviews.

Raghu Reddy, head of Online Sales in Xiaomi India, had this to say regarding the introduction of Google Tez:

Our vision is to bring innovation to everyone, and our integration with Tez is another step forward in this direction. Xiaomi is currently the number one smartphone brand with a dominant online smartphone market share of 50.8%, of which a significant portion is attributed to With this new payment option, we hope to provide an even better purchasing experience that is truly cashless.”