13 Top MIUI 8 Hidden System Tricks

MIUI 8 Hidden system commands

Are you fascinated with the awesomeness of MIUI 8? Please don’t be yet unless you have known these top hidden tricks available within MIUI8 system. There are many tricks not available explicitly on its interface. It s really worth knowing these MIUI 8 hidden system commands to make you an elite MIUI Ninja. What are they? Let’s go through the tricks below.

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Hardware Tests System

MIUI 8 has an implicit feature allowing its users to conduct some kind of tests towards their devices’ hardware status and functionalities. Simply open up the phone dialer and dial these numbers :

* # * # 6484 # * # *

It will bring up Hardware Tests interface:

MIUI 8 Hardware Tests Interface

Check IMEI Numbers

Check your device IMEI serial numbers by dialing these numbers

* # 06 #


More Information About Your Phone

Dial these numbers to reveal Phone information, Battery info, Usage statistics and Wi-Fi information :

* # * # 4636 # * # *

Phone Information

Take Screenshot on MIUI 8

Press Volume Down (-) button and Menu key to capture screenshot.

Quick Unlock Screen

Press Volume Up (+) button and Return key on Lockscreen to quickly unlock your phone.

Restore Physical Keys Function

Press Power button and Home key to restore physical function keys.

Enter Fastboot Mode on MIUI 8

Press Power button and Volume Down (-) button simultaneously until you see the MIUI Rabbit Fastboot logo.

Enter Recovery Mode on MIUI 8

Press Power button and Volume Up (+) button simultaneously to enter Mi Recovery mode.

Quick Turn-on Flashlight

When you are on the Lockscreen, press and hold the Home key to open Flashlight. You can then turn it off by pressing the Power button or Return key. It means you can turn on and off the flashlight without having to unlock the lockscreen.

Quickly Mute The Ringtone

When you have an incoming call and your phone is ringing, simply press either Volume Up (+) or Volume Down (-) button to mute the ringing tone.

Quick Close Current App

You can simply press on the Back key to close current open app. You can enable this feature via System Settings >> Additional Settings >> Button >> Open the “LONG PRESS NEVIGATION BUTTONS” >> tap on Back >> choose “Close current app” from pop-up >> finally set the long press time.

Press Power Button To Hang Up

You can hang up any call by pressing the Power button instantly. You can enable this feature via System Settings >> Additional Settings >> Accessibility >> Turn on the “Power button ends call” switch.

Record Calls Automatically

You can enable auto call recording feature by following this sequence : Press the phone icon to launch the phone / dialing app >> click on the lower left corner of the menu icon pop-up menu >> go to Settings >> enter the “Call recording settings” >> now turned on “Record calls automatically” option.

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  • Thexfactorguy

    Here are some more cool features which are very useful but go totally unnoticed. I bet.

  • Sid Mcnur

    Here is one more feature…so called flash alerts which is inbult in MIUI 8

  • Tomas Rama

    how to quickly access camera from a lockscreen?

    • Jojo Imurlaub

      Settings>> Lock screen & password>> Lock screen shortcuts – Turn on “left” or “right” and choose the Cam app.

      • Victor Polishchouk

        When phone is locked =>double click “Volume -” button. Camera will launch atomatically

  • Franco

    hi, just a question, why some apps i can not install on mi note 2? tks