5 Useful Tips to Cool Down Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 Heat Temperature Hot Problem

The most common problem of any Android phone is the raising temperature of the device especially when many CPU-intensive apps are running simultaneously. The same thing may happen on Redmi Note 3.  The device’s temperature becomes too hot so that its users may feel the heat on his palm. The most confusing part is the fact that most Android phones become too hot whenever heavy games are played. However, that’s not the case for Redmi Note 3. Sometimes even all heavy games and camera apps have been closed down, the heating issue simply won’t disappear.

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There are 5 tricks you can try to overcome the heating issue on Redmi Note 3. Read on..

1. Kill Background Running Apps

This is the most favorite way that every Android users most-likely first to try. How to do that on MIUI? Simply tap on the orner left button and then tap on the X button to close all apps down at the same time. Nevertheless, this might work for many users but if it didn’t, simple reboot your phone afterwards.

Another most possible reason is some services are still running in the background even the apps do not appear in the recent apps list. Rooted Redmi Note 3 users can install apps like Purify to block unnecessary services from running in the background at the first time the device rebooting.

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2. Do Not Play Games When Charging

Never watch movies or play heavy and graphical-demanding games while your device is still charged. Doing so will not only heat your device up but also make the charging process not effective. This good practice is applicable not only on Redmi Note 3 but also all Android devices.

3. Disable GPS and Connectivity If Not In Use

Some users do not aware if both Mobile Data connection and Wifi connection are turned on at the same time. It is strongly advised to use only one of them or turn all of them off when it is not in use. The same thing is for GPS (location service) and Bluetooth.

4. Use Original Power Adaptor

Using only original charger is a good practice for all Xiaomi users. Nowadays, it has become common for many users to use third-part power adaptors either the charger part or power bank. Xiaomi has its own original Power Bank which you can use. On top of that, different charging adaptor might have different wattage (Voltage and Ampere). Therefore, using only original charging adaptor will not only avoid unnecessary device heating issue but also keep your battery life longer.

5. Disable Bloatware Apps

Bloatware apps are any apps that you don’t really need it. Mostly they are apps coming pre-installed with your phone. You can either disable their services (prevent them from running) using root-only app like Purify or to completely remove them from your phone. However still, removing pre-installed apps need a rooted device.

Those are five most common tips to handle the heating problem on Redmi Note 3. It can be clearly seen that rooted device can take advantage more rather than unrooted device. Nevertheless, unrooted users can still take advantage of apps like DU Speed Booster, Clean Master, DU Phone Coolers, Cooler Master, and so on.

Furthermore, rooted users can enjoy flashing optimized custom ROM with removed bloatware apps. On the other hand, keeping the system to always run latest MIUI version is the best option for unrooted users.

Have any tips to cool down your Redmi Note 3 temperature based on your experience? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comment section.

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