A Patch to Boost GPS Location Locking On Redmi Note 3

GPS Patch Redmi Note 3

Most of Android users always turn off their phone’s location-based service which means the GPS in their devices are not in use unless they really need it. Turning off GPS is basically a smart way to conserve battery power. However the trend has changed a little bit recently with the rise of augmented reality games like Ingress and Pokemon Go. Such kind of apps require extensive use of GPS to locate the location of the device and combined the data with the gameplay. The more precise and accurate the GPS is, the more interesting the game is. However, since a smartphone is not actually a GPS device but it inherits the abilities, so sometimes it requires some time to acquire full GPS signal and locate the position precisely.

Luckily, a member of MIUI Device Team called BharatG has shared some-kind-of a tweak to boost GPS signal reception and lock the location faster on Redmi Note 3 device. The tweak-like file is basically a modified gps configuration file (gps.conf) that’s unique for every country. This modded gps conf file allows users to lock the position faster. The faster your GPS system is locking your position, the faster you can start playing game.

Here’s how you can do it.


  1. A rooted Redmi Note 3 device.
  2. Download GPS Configuration Tweak package (.zip) file.
  3. Download ES File Explorer and install it on your phone.
  4. About 5 minutes of your time.

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How to lock GPS position faster

Step 1 – Launch up ES File Explorer and browse to the location of gpsconf.zip file.

Step 2 – Now extract gpsconf.zip file using ES File Explorer.

Step 3 – Once extracted, you will have many folders named with country names. Each folder contains gps.conf file. Choose which your country is.

Step 4 – Copy that gps.conf file and paste it into /system/etc location replacing the old one (it is better to firstly backup the old one before replacing).

Copy gps configuration file

Copy Etc System

Step 5 – That’s it and now reboot your device as usual.

paste gps conf file

Enjoy! Your device’s GPS should now lock your location almost instantly when it is on high accuracy mode.