Mi 5 Trick : Activate Qualcomm Native Battery Saver Technology

Qualcomm CPU Governor Technology Mi 5

This article is a very useful guide for those Mi 5 owners who want to maximize the full potential of their phones. Let’s start from the very basic information. Mi 5 is currently the latest flagship phone of Mi lineup powered with Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset. The Snapdragon 820 is equipped with 64-bit Quadcore Kyro CPU and Adreno 530 GPU. Qualcomm has built-in feature allowing operating system to use either all available CPUs or just one, two, or may be three of them. However, the system which in this case is MIUI ROM doesn’t make use of that built-in ability. Therefore, the more CPUs are active, the more power needed to provide the CPUs with enough juice.

In this tutorial you will see a workaround trick to enable Qualcomm mpdecision feature allowing MIUI to control the governor of all processors of Mi 5 and therefore will dramatically reduce power consumption. MPDecision is a service to watch the CPU load on your Qualcomm-based phone. Hence, whenever you use your phone for simple tasks like texting, listening to music, or calling someone, then mpdecision service will completely shutdown unused CPU cores and use only single CPU. On the contrary, whenever you use your phone for heavy tasks like playing games, doing some quantum maths, recording full HD videos, or (may be) mining a crypto currency, the mpdecision service will activate all processor simultaneously delivering unbeatable performance.

Here’s a brief technical explanation from FunkSpunk, a honorable Moderator of MIUI forum:

The mpdecision service runs in our system as a vendor executable file and what it does is that it controls the governor for CPU, this file is very important as it defines performance of your CPU1 (Core1), the file gets executed every time your screen goes off, hence CPU1 scripts are useless because the mpdecision file overwrites the CPU1 governor settings to user space on demand, user space is the governor when CPU1 is online and ondemand when offline.

Shortly, with this tweak enabled, you can have only necessary CPUs activated for you as needed. Thus, it will significantly reduce power consumption on your phone as well as will prolong usage time of your phone. On top of that, the fewer CPUs are used, the cooler the device is.

Before you proceed, please understand that modifying or replacing stock boot image with patched one may not void your phone warranty. However, any advanced tasks to alter Android system may have risks of data loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage. Therefore, it must be done entirely at your own risk. Neither us XiaomiTips.com nor anyone affiliated with this trick (FunkSpunk, sebsch1991 or JohnD1zzl3) is responsible for your actions. Make full backup of all important files and data before you proceed.


Necessary reading : How to install TWRP Recovery on Mi 5.

How to Flash MPDecision-enabled Boot Image

Step 1Download patched boot image mod corresponding to the version of MIUI version you have on your Mi 5 phone. Each version (for MIUI 7 or for MIUI 8) has two files: enable or disable. Download the “enable” version to activate MPDecision mod while the “disable” version to deactivate this mod.

Step 2 – Transfer the downloaded patched boot image package (.zip) file and SuperSU .zip file into your phone’s /sdcard.

Step 3 – Reboot your device into recovery mode. Turn off your phone >> reboot by pressing Volume Up (+) and Power buttons simultaneously.

Step 4 – Once you are in TWRP, choose “Install” and then look for the patched boot image .zip file. tap on it to choose it.

Install Zip File TWRP

Step 5 – Next, choose “Add more Zips” button and then look for SuperSU .zip file. Tap on it to choose it.

Update SuperSU TWRP Mi 5

Step 6 – Now as usual, do the TWRP’s classic “Slide to confirm Flash” action.

TWRP Swipe to Confirm Flash

Step 7 – Wait for the flashing process to fully complete. Once done, tap on the “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” button to wipe the cache.

Wipe Dalvik Cache TWRP Mi 5

Step 8 – Done? Finally tap the “Reboot System” button to reboot your phone into normal mode. Your phone will then reboot as usual but it may take longer time than usual. Please just be patient.

Reboot System MIUI

That’s it.

There is no additional setting added instead the whole performance tweaking process will be done automatically in the background. You will feel significant differences in terms of battery usage as well as your device temperature. Enjoy!

Thanks and credits belong to : FunkSpunk, Sebsch1991,JohnD1zzl3, and SMIUI.net.