Fastboot MIUI Flashing: Fix Bootloop, Hardbrick, Softbrick

The best solution to fix Xiaomi device error: Bootloop, Hardbrick, and Softbrick is ROM Flashing via Fastboot mode and here’s how to do it correctly. I believe many of you ever felt confused and panic when facing with such kind of problems. Bootloop is an error which you can’t successfully boot your smartphone and being stuck in Mi or Android logo. The Bootloop error usually happens when a user does not correctly flash ROM to his/her phone during MIUI update. For example when you want to update MIUI ROM via TWRP or Mi Recovery. But however there are many other factors other than I mentioned can cause Android bootloop error.

This time I’ll share a small trick for you on how to dealing with bootloop, hardbrick, and softbrick error on any Xiaomi devices including the most popular Redmi 2, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 4G (dual SIM), Mi 4, and Mi 4i. Please remember that the guide you read here is not limited to Xiaomi devices I mentioned before but it can be applied to any (most of) Xiaomi devices because the basic is simple: bootloop, hardbrick, and softbrick error can be fixed by flashing ROM through Fastboot mode and using Fastboot-only MIUI ROM.

Also, the purpose of this guide is not limited to fix error on your smartphone but you can also use this guide just for ROM flashing purpose either to update your phone to latest MIUI version or to root the Android OS on your Mi phone. Enough the chit chat and let’s start the tutorial after the jump below.

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p.s: Some recent devices need to have unlocked bootloader before being able to flash Fastboot ROM.

How to Flash MIUI ROM via Fastboot Mode

Step 1Download Mi PC Suite tool then install it on your Windows-based computer (PC/laptop).

Step 2Download Mi Flash tool then install it on your computer. I’ve included the tutorial how to install it right in the same page where you download it.

Step 3 – Download Fastboot ROM package corresponding to your Mi device model, make sure you grabbed the correct package for your phone. The download links are below which you can grab the latest version of MIUI Fastboot-version ROM. If you need older version then Google is your friend.

MIUI Fastboot ROM Downloads

MIUI 7.1 Global Stable ROM Fastboot file here. Or, download latest version below (there’s a chance you’ll get the MIUI 8 version instead):

– do not forget to check if the ROM file suffix is “.tgz” and if it is “.gz“, please rename it to “.tgz
– the file size is quite large so you better use your favorite download manager.

Step 4 – Now you need to extract the newly downloaded MIUI Fastboot ROM package .tgz file using WinRAR. Make sure you extract its content to root of your computer’s drive and do not extract it inside a folder. That’s to make sure the files inside the content can be easily accessible later. For example, extrac it to drive D:\ or drive E:\ (drive C:\ is for Windows system, so you better not extract it there).

Once extracted, you’ll then get a folder named like this (example Global version):


or this for Chinese version:


Step 5 – Launch up MiFlash.exe to open Mi Flash tool you’ve downloaded earlier in Step 2. The file is usually located at:

C:\Program Files\Xiaomi\MiPhone

or if in x64 machine it is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone

Right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator:

run miflash tool

Step 6 – Click the Browse button and look for the location of where you’ve extracted the MIUI Fastboot ROM file, choose folder images then hit OK button.

flash fastboot miui rom file

Step 7 – It will then look like below. Now click on the little arrow next to the Browse button (see picture) then click Advanced.

advanced menu miflash tool

Step 8 – A dialog box will open. Now you have to click the Browse button in the Fastboot Script. Browse to the location you’ve extracted the MIUI ROM Fastboot file again and select the flash_all.bat file following by clicking the OK button. For your information, this script will wipe all your phone’s files including all of your data and it will do a clean install. Also, do not and never alter / change any other settings, just leave it as it is.

mi flash tool clean miui rom install

flash all bat script rom flashing

Step 9 – Next, you’ll need to connect your Xiaomi device / phone to computer. But first, you have to make it entering Fastboot mode. Achieving that is easy, simply grab your phone and press the Volume down (-) button and Power button all together at the same time. Hold your pressing until your phone restarting and entering Fastboot mode. You are doing that successfully if you’ve seen the Fastboot logo on your phone’s screen:

fastboot mode logo

Step 10 – Now connect your phone which is in Fastboot mode to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 11 – Back to the MiFlash tool you’ve setup earlier. Click the Refresh button and the tool will detect your phone.

refresh miui flash tool

Step 12 – Once the MiFlash tool can detect your phone, click the Flash button to start flashing the MIUI ROM Fastboot file to your phone.

flashing miui fastboot rom to phone

Make sure you see message saying “The operation completed successfully. (0x00000000;)” once it done:

miui fastboot rom flashed success

Step 13 – Ok so now you’ve flashed the MIUI ROM and now your phone will restart. At this point you can disconnect your phone from computer and wait till your phone reboot and restart completely. Just keep in mind that initial booting process may take long time so do not panic and just wait till it’s fully boot.

Voila! your phone is now turned on and booted into the newly installed MIUI ROM. Installing MIUI via Fastboot is wiping all your phone’s data so it will be like a brand new phone. Hence you have to setup your phone from the basic, just take it as a new phone.

Congratulation and enjoy using your phone with brand new MIUI system.

p.p.s: If you flashed MIUI Stable China build then most likely you don’t have Play Store installed.

  • khairul anwar

    u cant flash with bootloader locked

    • kvdv

      Any suggestion as to how to get around this issue?
      I’m stuck in a bootloop on a Xiaomi Redmi 3 device with a locked bootloader.

      • farieznur

        You can try following this tutorial which is intended for RN3. You can try the steps but use Fastboot ROM for Redmi 3 instead. However, I couldn’t say it will work but there’s possibility that it works. And, proceed with your own risk.

        • kvdv

          Hi, I finally managed to flash via MiFlash, it’s VERY dependent on the correct qualcomm drivers being installed though 😉
          Thanks alot for your tutorial and quick response.

          • farieznur

            Nice! Thanks for the tip. I hope it also helps other.

          • Clarke

            Hi, are you able to help me – I have the same issue – what extra steps did you do? many thanks

          • kvdv

            2 problems I had to solve in my situation (redmi 3):
            – My windows already had some other drivers that were used by default for the phone when in download mode, I had to replace those with the provided qualcomm drivers (use device manager to find out if you’ve got it right).
            – The “adb/fastboot reboot edl” command did not work for me, instead I had to hold power on and volume up together to get booted into some chinese recovery menu, and then select the “download” option and connect my phone to the computer via usb.

            That enabled me to find my device in the Mi Flash tool, and got rid of the errors when flashing via that same tool.

            Hope that helps you Clarke.

          • Clarke

            many thanks kvdv. I am a bit of a tech newbie but will give it a go

  • Gavin Mole

    does this work if bootloader is now locked?

    • farieznur

      You should gain unlock permission

  • Sultan Patel

    I dont have redmi note3 drivers for win7

  • Panchakshari Purnmat

    It always get process til 35-36 second’s and later show me asNOT ENOUGH STORAGE IS AVAILABLE TO PROCESS THIS COMMAND. MAX BUFFER SECTOR IS 256. Please help me how to solve.

  • Nari

    For redmi note 3 pro prime which miui fastbooth version to be downloaded I got the same problem the phone could not reboot

    • farieznur
      • Nari

        In step 12 it show that : unspecified error (0x80004005: FAILED(remote:device is locked. cannot flash image). please advice how to do

        • farieznur

          Is your phone’s bootloader unlocked? Official or unofficial unlock?

          • M Venki Masenko

            same problem… i unlocked it unofficially and rooted and installed cm 12.1…… unspecified error (0x80004005: FAILED(remote:device is locked. cannot flash image)….. pls help me out

          • M Venki Masenko

            device manager is not showing properly and adb cmd attach device list are empty

  • Raja Hafizz Raja Hasran

    hai fariez…may i ask u…i’m totally stuck at the mi logo…when i press (- )and power button..only mi logo appeared…it cant go on…and my pc cant recognize my fon…do u have any tips to solve this..or maybe my fon already total bricked??and cant be repaired???

    • Zasri

      yeah my phone have the same problem with you and i can’t do anything

    • farieznur

      What is your phone? Try uninstalling ADB drivers and reinstalling it again. As long as it’s not a hardbrick (hardware failure) then it should be repairable.

  • Rakesh Patel

    I had my boot loader locked and tried flashing a new rom. the flashing failed with a message unspecified error and phone stuck in boot loop.

    I can open the fast boot mode but again flashing fails with the same message unspecified error. can you help ??

  • Mike

    I’m trying to fix my Mi Note’s boot loop problem. I can get into Mi Recovery and Fastboot’s page fine, but the phone reboots in about 5-10 seconds regardless what page I get into, and the MiFlash fails because the phone wasn’t on in Fastboot mode long enough.

    Any solutions?

    • Niranjan

      hai Mike. got same problem on MI3 MIUI 7.1 . If you have fixed it , could you please let me know.

  • Ilan Y

    does it deleting anything from the phone? (sd card)?

  • Анон Аноним

    MiFlash says Uknown error (0x80004005: error: cannot load ‘D:Xiaomi’: No error)
    What should I do?

  • Sidharths

    MiFlash was not detecting my device. I have tried many things to get it detected. Finally getting the driver called Marshall London Bootloader Interface solved the problem. Thought it might be helpful.

    • farieznur

      Thanks for the tip. Anyway yes, in most cases reinstalling ADB USB Drivers may solve “device not detected” issue.

  • Momoka Nishina

    My problem is screen not showing after hardbrick..
    Led, home button is ok, vibrate when i touch..
    On+Volume – Also vibrate but screen still blank..
    My phone also detected via usb, cant enter fastboot bcoz its blank..
    ..Redmi Note2 4g..

  • Rakesh Patel

    I get unspecified error!!

  • पंकज जैन

    my Note 3G is bricked, it’s not showing in MI Flash tool, tried SP Tool but on download it shows red status bar with 100%.
    connecting it to PC without battery detects it though, could be a problem with drivers but tried many times 🙁 please help

  • Love Upadhyay

    MiFlash shows that my phone is flashed successfully in the first two seconds of clicking on “Flash” but 4i is still stuck in bootloop with no changes

    • Florian Lühring

      have you found out what the problem was ? I have the same problem an don’t no if it’s just taking so long or isn’t actually working..
      tried it with the shell data, don’t know if andriod can handle it

  • Domenico

    Thank you very much Fariez for your tutorial, following your guide I have my Xiaomi Mi5 back to work, I had a boot loop problem. Really appreciate it!

  • Thayveen Yoga Giriraj

    Hey bro, im stuck in a boot loop. I downloaded a root called king root. Later i wrongly did something to the internal files i guess. now the phone is stuck to the logo. I exactly followed the steps but doesn’t seem to detect it. Please help 🙁

    • Thayveen Yoga Giriraj

      i am using a Redmi Note 3

      • farieznur

        Redmi Note 3 needs its unlocked unlocked otherwise you could not just flash stock MIUI (or any other ROM) through Fastboot. There is a workaround though, but using unofficial unlock method might be too risky, but you can still try if you want. Just browse around in the “Guide” section in our blog

  • Pi Wi

    Hello, i’m getting an issue on my MI4C, i tried several rom and still getting the same issue on all of them ( tried to do a flash with MIFLASH / adb side load ). The issue is : i’m getting random app crash and soft reboot… i’m getting stuck with this error since 3 week.. is my phone dead?

  • Abdul Rahman Kidwai

    Hey i cant sign in to google after update my redmi 2 prime in miui It stuck on checking info

  • Shubham Mohanty

    hello, i m getting an issue on my mi4, after finishing up all the processes to fastboot my phone. when it turned on since then it has been showing the mi logo on the screen. i cant do anything now, neither getting in to recovery mode nor to fastboot. please let me know how i can fix the problem

  • Krish

    After this You cannot install Custom Recovery again i guess ..

    Unable to Flash TWRP through adb Fastboot to MI5 anymore.

    • Gary Yeo

      i am getting this too! is there any way to fix it?

  • DeEZy

    Hi I have a problem… mine ReNo3SD is ok till the tutorial end… it writes the operaton completed successfully.(0x00000000 or whatever but it does not reboot. and when i want to reboot it manually it just show me the MI logo for like half second.. please help.. this phone isnt meant for me but for my friend… he will kill me if i just tell him its bricked

    • farieznur

      has its bootloader been unlocked?

      Have you tried this one

      • DeEZy

        I fixed it… After 8 hours of googling and trying out different ways…

        • DeEZy

          I think that I’ll just w8 for the official unlock now

        • farieznur

          great! would you mind to share the way how you managed to fix it? 🙂

          • DeEZy

   this was the one to fix it for me.. After trying like 7 different tutorials on this site how to fix it.. My original problem was that MI logo showed for like half of a second then shut off and then the logo showed second time, vibrated and shut off again.. So I did this method like 4 times cuz It didn’t want to recognize my phone. After I done it the problem remained the same that I couldn’t boot but I was holding and pressing and holding like crazy volume + and it miraculously booted.

  • kyky

    Halo fariez, im using mi4 and i followed ur steps but in step 12, when i clicked ‘flash’ it says ‘Unscpecified error(0x80004005: FAILED (remote: partition table doesn’t exist))’. can u help me with it?
    thank you

  • Muhammad Idris

    Hai, when flashing my MI3 by using your steps, I found a message ‘unspecified error (0x80004005:FAILED (status read failed (too many links))), please give a help, thanks

    • Monarch Lakhanpal

      same with my mi4i

  • Daniel Ibañez

    Did all this and mi xiaomi mi5 is still on bootloop, any help?

    • farieznur

      Have you tried alternative method like this

      • Daniel Ibañez

        I finally fixed it flashing the Chinese version of miui 8 from recovery, booting onto recovery from fastboot

        • farieznur

          Great. And thanks for letting us know. It’s a piece of useful tips

  • L Morrison

    Awesome tutorial it worked!!! thanks!

  • Yousuf1971

    Dear Fariez

    Tried to follow your steps religiously. Didn’t make any mistake. But first time it said “too many links” next attempt it said “not enough storage” – what should I do now??? stuck in the Mi logo

  • Daniel Petrov

    During step 12 the status says unspecified error(0xffffffff: ), what do i do?

    • farieznur

      what is your phone and what is the MIUI version you want to flash

  • Viraj Lahane

    i am not able to flash my mi4i when i try to flash….it stops after 39 seconds and bunny goes off and reappears…..what to do now … it a hardware problem ?….plzzz suggest me urgently….

  • Kunal Yadav

    hi ..i have mi4i nd my fon is not suddenly rebooted nd now its stuck on the mi logo nd rebooting randomly many times..will i try this process of flashing fastboot image ..will it work for me?? plz replyyy

    • farieznur

      It should work. MIUI Fastboot flashing is the most common solution – and first effort you can try – to solve bootloop problem

      • Kunal Yadav

        I have t flash only. Fast boot? By the process above…any requirement of the new system update like miu i 7.5?


    HI Fariez . I am using Xiaomi 1s Smartphone . last day i was rooting my phone by miui provided rooting process, and it completed and phone starts again and after that i open app which is provided by mi that is Super Su and when i hit on this app and ask to restarts and from that time my phone not getting restarts, it only shows that “Mi” and stops at there , so can you help me in that case please.

    • farieznur

      try flashing MIUI ROM through Fastboot following steps above

      • PRAVEEN

        is it necessary to download rom form your website because i have already downloaded rom that miui 8 as well as miui 7 which i earlier downloaded from miui global site

        • farieznur

          No, it’s not necessary. The download links given above are also linking to MIUI website.

          • PRAVEEN

            thanks Farienzur i have done , with the help of downloaded your provided ROM link…thnak you so much

          • farieznur

            ur welcome

  • Aditya N.S.P.

    halo bro fariez, ana ada masalah juga nih. kasusnya sama stuck di logo mi waktu booting tanpa logo android dibawahnya (indikator proses). Nah ana udah nyoba cara antum di atas, tapi masalahnya itu proses fasboot kok enggak kelar2 ya? udah di detik 700 lebih pun masih 0% progress nya. apakah ada solusinya?

    • farieznur

      What’s your device and what’s your MIUI version

      • Aditya N.S.P.

        Thank you bro. Finally I solved the problem by using your steps above, but using different version of Mi Flash tool. Now my phone works like before…

        • farieznur

          what version of MiFlash did you use?

  • Niranjan

    Hai, My MI3 phone keeps showing the mi logo again and again, nothing happens. tried to do the above thing. problems is that when I press low volume+power buttons, fastboot screen appears for to 3 seconds and the phone keeps reapeating the MI logo. any solutions please.

  • Sri Harsha

    hi, i tried with miflash 2015.10.28.0 and Xiaomi Mi 4i Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File but i couldnt solve the problem. The device keeps on restarting at verification of mi account.It would be very greatful if u can help me.Thanks in advance

  • Adarsh Kannada

    I am getting an error. “The system cannot find the file specified”. Could anybody help me with this please? Any help is greatly appreciated. My phone is stuck at boot loop.

    • farieznur

      what is your phone? Have you made sure your browse the right MIUI files?

      • Adarsh Kannada

        Tried again with the same steps. Solved it. Thanks.

  • Ankit Singh

    I update my redmi note 3 system then it said to reboot it when I did then this happen first this happen and then this happen and even it charging it showing this two image and the phone is not switch ing off also so what should I do anybody can help mein

    • farieznur

      Enter into EDL mode than flash Fastboot ROM on it. Try to search using search form in the sidebar

      • dexter

        got the same exact problem !!!! what

        should i do ??:(

    • Pablo C. Garcia

      Same here with mi4c

  • Lvs Fc

    hello bro fariez,saya ada redmi note 4g china,apabila saya flash seperti cara yang diatas,hanya mengambil masa 3 saat sahaja,bagaimana mahu selesaikan masalah tersebut??

  • Anadite

    error message saying “remote: partition table doesnt exist”. what does that mean? could anybody help me out please…

    • farieznur

      well, honestly saying, such kind of error is complicated and I couldn’t find easy solution on internet


    hi please help my mi max will not boot stays on mi logo i have followed all steps but it will not complete

    • farieznur

      have you unlocked its bootloader officially?

      • Isro of The Jungle

        magsdnya apa tu mas.. yg penting gimana cara memperbaikinya.. punya saya stuck di mi logo..

  • Ranjith Kumar. A

    error message, “device locked”, got permission to unlock the device, but still unable to do it, followed all steps online throug too, but it says device is offline.. how to unlock my device

    • farieznur

      what your device is

      • Sahrul Musyafa


        • Md Monir Hossain

          choose ‘Flash all’ at the bottom.
          You choosed ‘Flash all except storage’, so it will keep your previous data.

        • tanduk

          try pc 64bit

  • Adam Kenndy

    Thanks bro.. It’s works!

  • fauzan evan

    mi4c saya tidak masuk ke fastboot ?
    bgmn cara untuk flash lagi

  • Suwandy Low

    Hello there,i have problem in unlocking the mi4c,i got sms message permission to unlock using apps,but it failed in 50%,my version currently global stable,do i need to update manually to dev rom china then can unlock my phone?

  • Rishav Mishra

    Is this requires to install any type of drivers in the phone?

  • Arend Stam

    My Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 won’t connect to my PC, it says that there is an Android thing connected, but if I refresh on MiFlash it won’t show… Can somebody help me out with this?

  • Amalhi

    any help im getting this error
    tried to flash rom from t reovery and stuck on blinking light now only i can do in Fastboot nothing els
    im getting this error device is locked.

    • farieznur

      You have to firstly unlock your phone bootloader before flashing Fastboot ROM

      • Amalhi

        i tried with edl all was working fine then i notice i flash a china rom then i install new miui8 but now its totally dead its not even showing in MIFlash what should i do >? when i connect my phone to pc it sound like it detecting.even in device manager its showing USB connected but nothing on phone its all black no fastboot nothing help…

  • dexter

    i downlaoaded the boot file for redmi note 3 and extrated it all i got is these and could and couldnt find what you said in step 4. help pls

    • Pooja Jaiswal

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      Xiaomi Mi 6x (lower than V9.6.4.0 – ARB 3)
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      Be sure to add to your address book or safe sender list so our emails get to your inbox.

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  • Dadan Apriyatna

    I need a hard problem,,
    my phone was restart continously, I can not flash my Phone, when i press volume down + power my phone enter to fastboot mode but only 2 – 5 second, after that the phone restart again, i was tired to try it,
    please help me,

  • el seven

    hi…i follow your step above..the progress indication bar is full but elapse time still going and now it reach it okay for to contineu waiting for it to done? mi logo keep rebooting during the proses.

    • Kai Ner

      Same here… how did it work out for you?

  • Raj Kr

    my redmi2 stuck on mi logo (will not boot stays on mi logo) I also try fastboot but nothing happen
    please help me

    • bcutuli

      wait wait waiiiiit a week a day a year just wait!!! “it WILL WORK if the dots of android are moving…” I waited like 2 hours… remember to plug-in your phone to electric power (sorry my english XD) and go do something to distract you in the meantime…

      • abhilodha

        if you can enter in fastboot then its a piece of cake read my comment above.

        • Doe John

          hey please help me how do i fix my redmi 4 stuck at mi logo which can enter into fastboot mode but not in recovery..? my bootloader is unlocked btw

    • Vasabhi Vasabhi

      me too T T my mi2s boot loop

  • abhilodha

    100% working use MY method if you can go in FASTBOOT mode

    Step 1 Go to EDL mode using this link
    Step 2 flash normally using this link

    NOTE: pls install all the necessary softwares and drivers from step 2 link then perform step 1 then step 2 flash process.

  • hi can someone give me a dumy guide on how can I update my chinese M3 (nvidia tegra version) to raw android? many thanks

  • arhaan k

    thanx done for redmi note prime

  • Omkar Kulkarni

    Thank you so much! … worked like a charm.. after spending almost 2 hours searching this is the first and a very good step by step guide for flashing that is not in CHINESE.. YOU SAVED MY LIFE 😀

  • cale elijah gregana

    i downloaded the fastboot rom on the link given above for the redminote 3g and i dont see any image inside the winrar files, also the flash_all.bat its not inside the winrar folder!!!

  • cale elijah gregana

    i tried several times to press volume down and power button at the same time but i cant get into the bunny logo its always stuck up on the logo? any thought?

  • palo
    Hi, very nice job. Clean explanation and all together (downloads) etc, Can this fix my GPS/UMTS radio band as well? I have accidentally set band to USA with (Hidden Android Settings app) and ended up with sim 2 working only on my Mi4c. Or is there anything else I need to do? Can somebody more advanced help me here pls.

  • Kedar

    I cannot enter into fastboot..wat should I phone iz stuck

  • cinta aurellya

    Hh sy redmi3s awal’y sy pke rom distributor yg g jelas gtu,g bsa update ota ke miui8,udh unlock boatloader,l alu sy flash pke mitool,rom dev cina,udh terpasang twrp 3020,niat’y sy mw flash rom latest global stable via twrp,udh selesai flash,pas reboot to system,mlah stuck dilogo
    Sy browsing,ktanya sih,hrus instal twrp versi sebelumnya,bru flash file.img twrp yg terbaru…sy udh coba pke minimal adb instaler,bwt flash twrp versi 30 cofface,ggal trus (remote:dtb not found)
    Sy jg cb flash via mitools,fail jg😫
    Tlg gan,ad solusi?thx regard

    • Bendul Bendil

      kalo udah unlocked bootloader, dan nyangkut di logo mi.
      1. Coba masuk ke fastboot (tahan power dan tombol Volume -, sampe muncul bunny.
      2. Terus donlot rom yang depannya miui.
      3. Ganti nama menjadi
      4. Buka command prompt, ketik fastboot update

  • Haneesh Vc

    hello i tried to flash my redmi 2, flash tool responded that the operation is complete, but my phone is still stuck in the white mi logo..plz help

  • Sebastian Pop

    don’t works fastboot to me

  • ਹਰਕੀਰਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਰਾਮਗੜ੍ਹੀਆ

    my phone got stuck after flashing miui rom the fastboot mode is not getting recognized by pc and the rom isnt loading on phone. anyone can help

    • LECC

      I had the same situation, the phone was recognized after doing this procedure:

      And then, press the Volume down (-) button, Volume up (+) and Power button together at the same all time until a little sound was heard in tthe computer and finally was recognized.

      Then I used this tutorial and voilá!!

      • Niraj Raj

        My phome does not go in fastboot mode by pressing volume down and power button

    • Bendul Bendil

      1. Open your device manager
      2. Go to view menu (above), click on Show Hidden Devices
      3. Find your ADB driver, right click, uninstall, check Delete driver (make sure all related ADB devices are uninstalled)
      4. plug in your device
      5. reinstall your driver

  • Iñaki Martinez

    the problem is I don’t have unlocked the bootloader, so I can’t use the fastboot method

  • Niraj Raj

    My phone do not go in fastboot mode by pressing volume down and power button

  • mfsmfs

    Dear All , just want to help by shareing these articles below, it has really saved me. I felt like I almost want to die when my rednote3sd phone shows ‘blinking mi logo and died – they call this softbrick’, now I’m sasved the phone is alive ^_^

  • Sai Kakumanu

    My redmi 2 was proceeded through all steps upto step 11. But progress bar was filled but didn’t show completed msg and time went beyond 4000 seconds. After progress bar filled mobile vibrate and try to boot and remain stuck at mi logo screen. Showing status in miflash tool as device is busy.
    I am using miui 8 global fastboot rom downloaded from official site. Please suggest any solution. I am using indian version.

  • Gosangi Mahendra

    Andriod booatloader is been asked while connecting my redmi2 prime

  • carlo cruz
    • carlo cruz

      can u help how can i fix this probelm with my redmi pro

  • carlo cruz

    any xiaomi redmi pro user succeed in foing this tutorial

  • Thanks

  • ulHaqNur

    Hello guys.. I have problem on my device (XRN 3).. my ROM is Global Stable MIUI7 level baterry showing -2%.. I need to Flashing my phone.. but which mode I can do..?? (Fastboot Mode, Update Package,..) and which ROM I need..?? (Dev Global, Stable Global, or China ROM..)..????

  • ulHaqNur

    ..and I want type ROM (update systems).. automatically for later.. please help me with Ur tutorials and download links..
    sorry about my bad English..

  • ulHaqNur
  • ulHaqNur

    ..and my BL (BootLoader) on my device is LOCK..

  • ulHaqNur

    ..I get successful before to flashing my device with MI Flash.exe.. I use Kenzo ROM.. and then I saw so many problem on my device after use the ROM..
    sorry about my English.. I am Indonesian..

  • ulHaqNur

    ..anyone there………………………………

  • mister Haq


  • Jean Francois Guilard

    there is no global firmware for redmi pro ?

  • Manmohan Garg

    Thanks very much for the guide. However one more thing I would like to add that at starting of flash I was getting some error and was not going through. After that I tried to select “Flash all except storage” option. Now flashing was done successfully and phone restarted. 🙂

    Manmohan Garg

  • is says error 404 for Redmi 3S roms…

  • Class Bee Network
  • alexander Litvak

    Good procedure, but what about hardbrick when you can’t enter fastboot?
    In this case the procedure useless.

    • Run Adb On Your PC Mac Linux Whatever You Have

      Connect Your Phone with PC via USB

      Then Type “adb oem edl” “without quotes” in adb terminal (cmd)

      Now open Mi Flashtool and refresh and check “Clean All” option And Flash Fastboot ROM with “Flash all.bat” option

      • Doe John

        i mistakenly rebooted my phone while installing twrp and press reboot even if it was displaying reboot without os. and then my redmi 4 is stuck in bootloop..all it does is shows mi logo .. bootloader is unlocked.. but it doesnt reboot to recovery.. how can i fix this? can fastboot rom fix this or my device is permanently dead .. plz answer ..

        • You can flash recovery again using PC just reboot your device into boot mode and connect your device to PC and run Fastboot And Write in cmd “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img(write whatever your recovery filename is)” once done reboot recovery.

  • Punit Kharb


    My MI4I is hard bricked. Just black screen on my phone. It is detected by miflash tool. But it is not flashing anything on phone. It is showing success on MiFlash tool but unable to boot phone. I have observed few error logs in MiFlash tool.
    [00001504]CreateManagedObject(1392): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]GetFactoryObject(1436): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]CreateManagedObject(1392): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]GetFactoryObject(1436): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [00001504]GetFactoryObject(1457): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00001504]GetSearchPath(1512): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00002604]\?usbstor#disk&ven_qualcomm&prod_mmc_storage&rev_1.00#7&5313ab4&0&1234567890abcdef&0#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b} 132.59 ApplyPatch sector NUM_DISK_SECTORS-1., offset 16, value CRC32(NUM_DISK_SECTORS-1.,92), size 4
    [00002604]GetFactoryObject(1457): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00002604]SaveFlashResult(1478): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)

    I have used QFIL to flash rom. But no success.
    It failed to switch to emergency download mode QPST. I have tried volume + and power button combination to take it in emergency download mode. But nothing appear on phone screen.

    Whenever I connect my phone with computer. It add 6 local disks to my computer. When I tried to format those disks. It fails to format those.

    It all started with encryption failed error.
    After that I tried to flash rom using MiFlash tool. But no success.
    Then I tried fastboot method. But no Success
    I was unable to copy rom using recovery mode. I think usb debugging was not disabled.
    I have seen mount failure in recovery mode.
    The I tried UnzipMe2. I executed format.bat from that and after that my Phone is completely dead. After that my device name change to a long name (something like this usbstor#disk&ven_qualcomm&prod_mmc_storage&rev_1.00#7&5313…), as I have observed in MiFlash tool.
    Then I tried QFIL and I got “failed to switch to emergency download mode” error.

    Please help to unbrick my MI4I.

  • Gourab Bhattacharyya

    Thanks for sharing the detailed process. I have followed the steps and it worked for me and I have rebooted my Redmi MI 1S successfully.

  • Mithilesh Deshpande

    Thanks for sharing the detailed process. I followed the steps and it successfully worked for my Redmi MI Note LTE.

  • 아카 쉬 소년

    after 945 sec my redmi note 3 fianally opened but got stuck at my previous mi id login page neither it shows any wifi or sim to activate my phone

  • Ankit Jatiya

    How long does it take to fully boot?? I think it is again in a bootloop.

  • Mi Flash Tool Never worked , allways say xxxxxx.bat not found even is there

  • Dane Brooks

    okay whats next when you flash the official rom along with older verisons and custom roms and you still get bootloop?

  • Aditya Kusumah

    Gak work, gan. Xiaomi note 5A china, driver terbaca di mi flash, smua jenis firmware dn firmware anti bypass akun Mi juga, ttp error hello packet. Sudah refrese EDL, thn on off, ttp error hello packet. Hp sudah sy bongkar dn buka socket baterai, tp ttp error hello packet, Miflash 2014-2018 sy udh coba gan, ganti win 7 smpe 10, gnti kabel, gnti pc k laptop. Lelah adek, bang -_-
    Error krna flashing sblmnya. Ya Tuhannn.

  • Johny Varsami

    How can I flash without erasing user/app data?

  • v-raptor

    Tried on my bootlooping redmi note 4g…all done but no change,still bootlooping

  • Темирхан Темирханов

    whatsapp 79677771598
    i can help with bricked devices
    Flash Global Firmware Xiaomi Phone | TeamViewer 14

  • Mahesh

    Procedure is nicer explained but my problem is I am not able to reach fastboot or recovery which is twrp. Actually I was trying to change the booting splash screen. But now when I try any key combination I can not reach fastboot or TWRP. But pressing any key combination gives flash of static screen. Any help will be appreciated.

  • SO bLaNd

    Hello sir. I installed wrong firmware for my phone. now it hard brick. backlight no logo. how can i fix? my phone model is redmi note 9

  • twist faith

    I flash my rmn7 fr 12.5 china rom to 12.0 global rom then my phone reboots it never stops flashing no succeful result just flashing with status of pause but the green progress bar is full and i already sets up the phone.