Fix Bricked Redmi Note 3: Reflashing with Mi PC Suite

fix redmi note 3 bootloop bricked

This is the easiest solution to unbrick Redmi Note 3 by simply using Mi PC Suite. Therefore, there is no other complicated tools involved during the process. I hope this will help newbie owners of Xiaomi most popular Android handset to solve problem that often exists.

However, before we proceed, I hope you do understand there are two version of Redmi Note 3: Qualcomm Snapdragon variant and Mediatek MT6795 Helio X10 variant. Rooting procedure for each variant is different but you can simply use the same steps below on both phone to unbrick it.

Why can my Redmi Note 3 got bricked? There are some reasons for that but the most common reason is caused by unsuccessful ROM flashing. I know sometimes flashing custom ROM can be very tempting as well as upgrading to newer stock MIUI ROM. In rare cases, but it happens, the ROM flashing process has just stop or stuck or completed corruptly. Have you experienced such kind of situation? Then worry no more since this article may come in handy for you to solve bricked Redmi Note 3 easily. Also, this is not the only method but I think it is the easiest one so far.

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  1. A Redmi Note 3 handset either Snapdragon based or Mediatek based.
  2. The phone can have either locked or unlocked bootloader
  3. A Windows based computer either PC or Laptop.
  4. A working Internet connection
  5. USB Cable: the one comes with your phone
  6. About 45 minutes of your time


  1. Download ADB Drivers and install it on your computer.
  2. Download Mi PC Suite (English version) and install it on your computer.
  3. On your phone, enable OEM Unlock. Doing that is easy: open up Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> Enable OEM Unlock.
  4. Still on your phone, enable USB Debugging. Doing that is also easy: open up Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> Enable USB Debugging.

p.s: Couldn’t see Developer Options in Settings? Just go to Settings >> About phone >> then tap MIUI version 7 – 10 times.

Using Mi PC Suite to Unbrick

Step 1 – On your computer, launch Mi PC Suite tool up.

Mi PC Suite English Build

Step 2 – Connect your phone to your computer using its USB cable. Wait for the tool to recognize your device and wait till it connects to your phone successfully.

Mi PC Suite Could Not Detect Phone

In very rare cases the tool may not be able to detect your phone but a simple restart may solve the problem (without disconnecting the phone, close the tool and launch it up again).

Connecting Redmi Note 3 Device

Step 3 – Once connected, you then have to logging to your Mi Account through the Mi PC Suite.

Connect Mi Account

Step 4 – Mi PC Suite will then also detect if your phone is in bootloop or in bricked condition. A popup with instruction will be displayed. Now you can simply follow on-screen information to put your Redmi Note 3 into Fastboot mode.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode

Step 5 – Once your phone has been in Fastboot state, Mi PC Suite will then try to find suitable ROM for your bricked device and display available options whether Stable or Beta MIUI ROM. Just pick one of it (Stable is recommended) then click the Flash Device button.

Flash MIUI Using Mi PC Suite

Step 6 – Mi PC Suite will then connect to official MIUI server and downloads the MIUI ROM package into your computer. Make sure you have pretty stable and fast Internet connection.

Download MIUI ROM

Step 7 – Once the download process has completed, the tool will automatically flash the ROM onto your phone. As a result, the system on your phone has been reset and just like a brand new phone. You can then, if you want it to, install Google Play Store on it.

MIUI ROM Flashed Success

That’s it and congratulation! Your phone is now kicked ouut of bootloop state and survived from bricked device. Have any experience on it? Share it in the comment section below.

  • Andri Tri Saputra

    hey..i got bricked redmi note 3 sd currently stuck on download mode after an unspecified error after flashing with mi flash tool..pardon my english..any sollution ?

  • Matt Steven

    Hi, My phone’s been bricked and remains at the Mi screen. When i try to use the MiSuite method to reflash, it won’t recognise the device. Is there any way around this? I had followed the guide initially, but when flashing got a error of not enough storage, then a catastrophic failure note. Any suggestions very welcome!

    • farieznur

      Try flashing Fastboot ROM then. Hope that works 🙂

      • Matt Steven

        Hi Fariez, Thanks for coming back to me. Really struggling to put it into download mode – it just shows up as Android composite ADB interface. I have downloaded the global ROM (Kenzo global images). Sorry if this is an obvious question – is this the same as the fastboot ROM?

      • Nitesh Kumar Bikkumalla

        can you provide any more information about that

  • Αρης

    When I choose the rom version to flash, it start downloading but immediately I get a couldn’t flash device error. Any help please?

    • Bryan Lamarens

      Have you find some result to your problem because I have the same issue

  • Irfan Patel

    Thank you very much. Successfully unbricked.

  • Hritik Chaudhary

    my redmi note 3 snapdragon version is not starting up ,showing a red led when connected via usb .what can i do .the pc is not showing device as conected.

    • sri alwaz

      Dude did you able to fix the problem? i am also facing same issue.

      • Nugraha

        Me too please help me

  • Qasi Zia

    why the device when getting to recovery mode shows a screen with a charging cable

  • Rohit Tio

    are you nuts !! if device is bricked how can anyone possibly enable usb debugging ,, useless shit

  • DaiM

    My phone is bricked, how the hell do I enable USB Debugging?!!!

  • Jeferson Jesus

    my camera no work front e back help please xiaomi redmi 3 pro se tanks

  • danurdjati radjasa

    the fucking guy who wrote this shit is never know what is bricked mean….