Fix Bricked Mi 4: Reflashing MIUI ROM

unbrick xiaomi mi 4

This is a solution for bricked Mi 4 caused by unsuccessful MIUI update especially the latest Marshmallow-based ROM. Moreover, this method is also applicable to fix bricked Mi4 phone caused by failed Windows 10 flashing. As we all suppose to know that recently Windows and Xiaomi have pushed out official beta version of Windows 10 ROM for Mi4 4G LTE variant. Installing Windows 10 on the device requires advanced flashing steps which in several cases users end up with bricked device.

You can simply follow below steps to get you out of the trouble of bricked Mi4 device cause by one of the problems I mentioned earlier. It means, you can use it to fix either your broken Mi4 4G or 3G variant. However, there is one thing you have to do for sure: make a full backup of your data to avoid unexpected things happen. Just for in case!


  1. Download MiFlash tool into your PC and install it properly. It is recommended to install its latest version but in case it could work then try version 20150601.
  2. Download Mi4 4G LTE MIUI Fastboot ROM into your computer. You need to extract the package using either WinRAR or 7Zip.
  3. Do not forget to charge your phone as it should have at least 75% battery power remaining.
  4. Download MiFlash Script and extract its content. This magic script is necessary to fix bricked Mi4 caused by new partition layout.
  5. Download Xiaomi USB Drivers and install it onto your computer.
  6. Enable Developer Option and USB Debugging on your phone. See step 2 in this tutorial.

How to Fix and Unbrick Mi4

Step 1 – Open up the MiFlash tool you’ve just downloaded.

Step 2 – Grab your phone’s USB cable and connect your phone to computer with it.

Step 3 – Now you need to put your phone into Fastboot mode. To do so, simply press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons together simultaneously until you see the Fastboot screen appears on your phone.

fastboot bootloader mode

Step 4 – Now back to your computer then click the Refresh button on MiFlash tool window.

miflash refresh button

You’ll notice that your phone has been recognized by MiFlash tool. It means the connection between your computer, MiFlash and your phone has been established successfully.

Step 5 – Now open up Windows Explorer and look for the folder where you’ve extracted MiFlash script then move all its content into the folder of extracted Fastboot ROM you’ve downloaded. Make sure the final result looks similar to this one below:

windows explorer extracted fastboot

For your information here is I’m going to update you with few information about what’s each file for:

  • flash_all.bat : It can erase all data inside your phone’s storage.
  • flash_all_except_storage.bat : This will only wipe your apps and system partition. To make things simple, with this app you’ll lose your call history, apps, etc. but not your data.
  • flash_all_except_data_storage_storage.bat : This will downgrade current Android version making apps to force close.

Step 6 – Click Browse button on MiFlash tool and look for location of the folder where you’ve extracted the Fastboot ROM.

browse fastboot rom miflash tool

Step 7 – Select either flash_all.bat or flash_all_except_storage.bat. Do not and never select flash_all_except_data_storage_storage.bat.

flash all data

Step 8 – Finally, click the Flash button. Sit tight and wait for MiFlash tool to flash the MIUI ROM onto your Mi4 system. Your phone will then reboot into normal mode. Usually the reboot duration takes longer than usual but it’s normal.

That’s it and enjoy your Mi4 phone with its newly reinstalled MIUI. Seems easy, doesn’t it? Well, I hope it works for you guys.

  • It’s doesn’t work 🙁

    • farieznur

      Would you like to be more specific in which steps of the process you had been through was failed?

      • Benjamin Jacobs

        after trying to load windows 10 I’ve bricked my phone.

        I cant enter fastboot mode as when I hold volume up and Power button I just get BDS Menu instead. Is there a solution for this?



      • Benjamin Jacobs

        after trying to load windows 10 I’ve bricked my phone.

        I cant enter fastboot mode as when I hold volume up and Power button I just get BDS Menu instead. Is there a solution for this?


        • farieznur

          can you enter EDL mode? If you can, simply flash appropriate MIUI fastboot ROM

          • Benjamin Jacobs


            My phone is just stuck on the Mi sign and stays like that.

            It cannot turn off until the battery depletes.

            I can enter BDS menu only, same as the person in this video.


            I tried EDL mode by holding volume and volume down and plugging in USB but PC does not recognise phone.

            If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.