How to Capture Screenshot Pics on MIUI 8

Screen Capture on MIUI 8

Just another simple but necessary tips and tricks on using MIUI 8 on your phone. Many Android users need to be able to take screenshot pics on their device mostly to share the pics in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and messenger apps (Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, etc.). Different phones and different version of Android ROMs have different ways or methods to capture their phone’s screen. What about MIUI8? Basically there are 4 (four) methods you can choose one of them in order to capture a screenshot pic of what’s being displayed on your phone.

Let’s start from the simplest and most common method.

Method #1

Screen-capturing a picture can be achieved by pressing a combination buttons: Volume Down (-) and Menu key. This mechanic method requires no screen touching. All you need to do is just pressing the combination keys. See the illustration below :

Key Combination MIUI 8 Screen Capture

Method #2

The second method is not as simple as the first one. It’s not difficult but it’s just a little bit tricky. This method makes use of the Screenshot toggle on the MIUI 8 Notification Panel. Firstly of course you have to go to the screen that you want to capture, and then bring up Notification Panel followed by pressing the Screenshot icon.

The only drawback of this method is inability to take screenshot of the Notification Panel itself.

MIUI 8 Screenshot Toggle

Method #3

Taking screenshot via Quick Ball menu. MIUI 8 is equipped with new feature called Quick Ball (it is Mi Pop on older MIUI version) containing many shortcuts to all other functions. Screenshot is one of default function available in Quick Ball menus. However, you can modify its position by going to Setting >> Additional Settings >> choose Shortcut Menu >> and then select Shortcuts.

How to capture screenshot from MIUI 8 Quick Ball? See illustration below:

Quick Ball Screencapture

Method #4

Multi-touch swipe down method. You can take screenshot on MIUI 8 easily bu swiping down three fingers while you are at any screen. This is the easiest one and safest one since you don’t need to press any button so you don’t have to worry that your button will get sluggish from too many screenshot attempts. This is new feature available only since MIUI 8. It means MIUI 7 users need to upgrade their phone in order to be able to make use of this cool feature. There is no additional setting for this and this feature comes preinstalled -and preactivated- within MIUI 8.

Three Fingers Screenshot

Finally, what’s your favorite way to capture your MIUI screen?

Anyway, you can use above methods on any MIUI 8 devices including Mi 5, Mi 4s, Mi 4, Mi Max, Redmi 3, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 2, and all supported devices.

  • Salmando (a.k.a ‘Bleh’)

    couldnt get three finger swipe to work on muiu 8 global on mi max

  • Subodh

    three finger method doesn’t work. redmi 3s.

  • Reiser

    Volume Down + Lock also work