How to Check If Redmi Note 3 Bootloader is Locked or Unlocked

Unlocked Redmi Note 3 Status Check

This is a dead easy way to check Redmi Note 3 bootloader status whether it is locked or unlocked. As you may already know it that all recent Xiaomi devices are shipped with locked bootloader to protect the ROM and the phone from being tampered with changes users don’t know. However, this could be troublesome for many users especially when they want to root their phone. Users cannot flash custom recovery and therefore they also cannot flash SuperSU to gain root access. On top of that, they will not be able to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM and do clean install on it.

Now just in case you need this two cents trick especially when you bought a secondhand phone. Do not, and never, try to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM using MIUI Flashing tool without firstly checking its bootloader status. Otherwise you may end up with a bricked device. A bootloader is a code that executes before the main operating system run.

Now let’s find out how to check its status:

Manual Method

Step 1 – Download and install ADB Driver installer and install it on your computer. However you don’t have to do this step if you have either Mi PC Suite or Mi Flash Tool installed.

Step 2 – Download and extract Minimal ADB and Fastboot package into your computer.

Step 3 – Open up Windows Explorer and go to the location of where you’ve extracted Minimal Fastboot and ADB Files.

Step 4 – Hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click in that location. Choose “Open command window from here”

Step 5 – Turn of your phone completely. Now reboot it into Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power button until you see the Fastboot logo.

Step 6 – Now connect your phone into your computer using its USB cable.

Step 7 – Execute this command (type it and hit enter on your keyboard):

fastboot devices

That will list all connected device which in this case is your phone only. You may need to reinstall ADB USB Driver if your phone is not detected.

Step 8 – Finally, issue this command which is the main command to check bootloader status of your phone :

fastboot oem device-info

Step 10 – You will then see either “Device Unlocked: True” or “Device Unlocked: False“.

Unlock Command for Redmi Note 3

Automatic Method

This method can be done easily using a Flasher Tool for Redmi Note 3.

Step 1Download Flasher Toolkit and install it on your computer. Just follow the tutorial explained in the download page.

Step 2 – Grab your phone and its USB cable. Make sure it is turned on (in ON state).

Step 3 – Connect it to your computer using its cable.

Step 4 – Open up Windows Explorer and go to the location of where you have extracted Flasher Toolkit.

Step 5 – Right-click on “Flasher Toolkit v1-03.bat” file and choose Run as administrator.

Step 6 – From here you can simply choose option number #7.

Step 7 – That’s it. The bootloader status of your phone will be displayed instantly.

Check Bootloader Status

What’s next?

My bootloader is locked, how to unlock it? You can apply for official bootloader unlock permission or use this guide to unlock it unofficially.

Thanks God, the bootloader is unlocked – Of course you can then easily flash TWRP, get root, and optionally install custom ROM.

  • Phraze Jackson

    I’ve tried both methods, but end up with it just displaying “waiting for device”. very frustrating
    the manual method it nothing happens when I run the command “fastboot device” (tried reinstalling drivers again)
    in the auto method it detects the phone, restarts it and then reboots the phone in fastboot but then just displays “waiting for device”.
    phone is a note3 kenzo 16gig, phone did have a retail Rom when shipped but have now installed stable international Rom. The computer is using Win10.

    • Hairy

      Your adb drivers are not installed correctly. Check device manager and you will see bad adb drivers with exclamation mark “!”. Search for correct way to install these drivers

  • Vivek Patil

    Why this is soo hard I m a guy who don’t know much about these roms and all about this bootloader and all… And why the hell we can’t root our phone on our risk why have to ask for permission from anyone everyone knows that if we root the phone we can’t get warranty soo why this all lengthy process… We have paid money for device we can do whatever once the warranty is void nothing with company I m soo frustrated now I m having mi 4… I deleted my mi account from mi server but I forget to log off from device now I have to ask for permission and all that stuff… Hell if I knew xaiomi is about to do this I would have never purchased this phone…. If my request gets rejected can I ask again? And why the hell they need 10 days tym for a approvals plz give me some info I m soo frustrated my mail

    • Brian

      They probable make it hard because I would not be surprised if they have tracking information and spyware in their O.S. I would never trust a ROM installed by a Chinese company if I want any privacy. That is probably why its so cheap the Chinese goverment helps subsidize the phone.

  • Andy Roid

    Easy way to check bootloader status without using ADB

    Just go to About Phone, click Kernel Version repeatedly and it will say “You are now 5 steps away from enabling CIT” – keep clicking till you get to the QC Test screen. On this you can just click option 1 (Software Version) and it will show you whether the bootloader is locked

    • Ignatius Lim

      Wow. Thanks a lot. This method is even better than those posted in this website page.

      Just to be sure. When it says “unlock” under “fastboot lock state”, does that means that my bootloader is unlocked? There are a few more states like “otp lock state” and “secureboot state” which makes me unsure which exactly refers to my bootloader.

      Hope to see your reply =)

      • Andy Roid

        Yes, fastboot unlock is what you are looking for

  • Cristian Martina

    I bought a Redmi Note 3 Pro from Gearbest and there is a fake ROM installed (ver. and the bootloader is unlocked. How do I know if it’s been unlocked via official way? I want to install the TWRP but if it has been unlocked via non-official way I could brick it. Thank you!