How to Create Cloud and Local Backup Freely and Easily

Backup Data easy Way

Just another two-cent tips for you MIUI fans! This time we are going to learn step by step method on how to create full backup of your phone’s data without rooting and store it either in a cloud backup server or as a local backup you can keep it in your own computer. Moreover, you can also transfer that local backup to another MIUI phone easily. Creating backup of your data stored in your phone is one of crucial tasks every Android user should be able to perform it. There is always an unexpected circumstance that leads to either soft-brick or hard-brick or even worst, fully damaged device. There are many ways and many apps you can choose to create backup. Luckily, Xiaomi has included built-in backup feature as one of cool MIUI features. On top of that, you can also choose whether to backup locally or online backup stored in Xiaomi Cloud servers.

Online Backup

Step 1 – Signup for a free Mi Account using either your phone number or email address.

Step 2 – Login to your Mi Account on your phone and make sure your Mi Cloud account is active.

Step 3 – Now let’s activate cloud backup service on your MIUI device. Open up Settings.

Step 4 – Go to Settings >> Mi Account >> Mi Cloud >> Backup device >> turn on Mi Cloud Backup.

Mi Cloud Backup

That’s it. Now MIUI will create full backup of your data automatically and will upload it to Mi Cloud once your device is connected to a Wifi network. However, data of apps you have installed is excluded from the list of data that will be backed up.

How to Restore from Cloud Backup

Follow this simple steps to restore your data back to either the same phone or another phone (just in case you bought another Xiaomi phones and wanted to transfer old data from your old phone).

Step 1 – On your phone (either new or old phone), login to your Mi Account using the same credential.

Step 2 – Now go to following direction : Settings >> Mi Account >> Mi Cloud >> Restore from backup >> choose the backup package you want to restore >> tap on the “Restore using this backup” button.

Step 3 – Just wait till the restore process completed successfully. Make sure your phone is connected to a stable Internet connection.

Now your phone will have the same settings as well as data you had on your previous phone.

Local Backup

Local backup is the most preferred method by many users since it doesn’t make use of an Internet connection. On top of that, the backup package can be stored in a computer and can be restored to any MIUI phones with ease. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1 – Open up Settings area in your phone.

Step 2 – Now go to following direction : Settings >> Additional Settings >> Backup & reset >> Local backups >> and then tap on the “Backup” button.

MIUI Local Backup

Just wait till the backup process finished. This may take time depending on your data.

Transfer and Restore A Local Backup

Step 1 – Open up file Explorer app.

Step 2 – Navigate to following path :

MIUI >> Backup >> Allbackup

Step 3 – You’ll find the backup file there. Now you can connect your phone to your computer using its USB cable and transfer the backup package.

Step 4 – Alternatively, you can also transfer it to another MIUI phone using Mi Mover app.

That’s all. Credits to Vincentkhoo, a super moderator of MIUI community.

Above methods are the easiest, free, and non-root way to obtain backup of data and MIUI settings of your phone. However, it’s not a full backup since it excludes Apps’ data. Taking full backup (Nandroid) can be done via custom recovery app like TWRP. Hope that works for you.