How to Enable and Disable MIUI Developer Mode

Enable Developer Options Menu Guide

Instead of sharing something difficult to digest, this time we would like to share a basic trick every MIUI newbie should know: how to enable MIUI Developer Options and how to disable it back. MIUI Developer Options menu is not enabled by default whereas some users may need it especially when they want to flash MIUI fastboot ROM or to unlock their phone bootloader. Therefore, this guide is a basic and essential trick that will be needed for almost any sophisticated tasks related to fixing or rooting your MIUI device. Now let’s start from the task of how to activate MIUI Developer Options on either MIUI 7 or MIUI 8.

Activate Developer Options

This hidden menu is not displayed by default so users who want to access it need to firstly activate it. Follow these easy steps to activate Developer Options (and eventually you will enable USB Debgugging):

Step 1 – Launch up “Settings” on your phone.

Step 2 – Scroll down the page and look for “About phone“. Tap on it to enter that About Phone menu.

Enable Developer Options MIUI

Step 3 – Now tap on “MIUI version” for about 7-10 times continuously until a message saying “You have enabled Developer Options” is displayed.

Step 4 – That’s it. You have enabled Developer Options successfully. Piece of cake, wasn’t it?

Step 5 – Next, simply go back to previous options and look for “Additional Settings” and tap on it.

Step 6 – Look for “Developer Options” and tap on it.

Step 7 – Now you have accessed Developer Options containing many vital options like “Enabling USB Debugging” or “Enabling OEM Unlock”, and so on.

Deactivate Developer Options

I believe at some point you may need to disable Developer Options for whatever your reason is – like if you want to sell that phone or give it to someone else. And here’s how you can do that :

Step 1 – Go to Developer Options menu inside Settings (see step 5 – 6 above).

Step 2 – Toggle off the Developer Option button to disable it. That’s it.

Alternative method to disable it: the most easiest way is to perform Factory Reset on your phone and by clearing all data but of course you are going to lose all your data.

I believe you will not face any difficulties doing steps above. But if you did, simply drop comment below.

  • Kevin Gautama

    I cannot enable developer mode on Xiaomi Mimax any ways, it’s stupid phone.