How to Enable Font Option in MIUI Theme Manager

Installing Theme Manager APK File

Font is one of customize-able factor of an Android UI. On MIUI, users can simply install any new fonts they want, like iOS9 font or MIUI8 font, through Theme Manager app. Unfortunately, for some users it is hard to install new font .mtz file since the option is not accessible in Theme Manager. So how’s the solution? A member of MIUI forum called Muhata has suggested a nice simple trick to enable font setting by simply replacing installed Theme Manager app with the one he provided. However, this can only be done on a rooted device. The steps he explained are more or less as following :


How to install

Step 1 – On your phone, open up root explorer (or ES File Explorer) app.

Step 2 – Navigate / go to system >> app >> theme manager.

Theme Manager Folder In Android System

Step 3 – Now copy available ThemeManager.apk file to another location to back it up for just-in-case scenario.

Step 4 – Now copy the downloaded ThemeManager.apk file replacing that one (or you can simply remove the old one and copy/move the new one there).

Step 5 – Change file permission to 0644 (rw-r-r).

change file permission android

Step 6 – Done? Now just reboot your phone like usual.

Step 7 – Once it reboots completely, go to Settings (or via Notification area) and enable Airplane Mode.

Step 8 – Open up Theme Manager app then clear themes data. This will bring the Customize option to show up itself.

Step 9 – Click on the Customize option. At this point, you can disable Airplane mode so you can connect to the Internet.

customize menu in theme manager

Step 10 – You’ll then be able to see several options there including an option to customize installed system Font. Now you can simply choose which font you want to use.

Choose Font

Step 11 – That’s it. You can even choose to use downloaded / offline font.

Offline MIUI Fonts Option

That’s it. As what Muhata tested, this should works perfectly on rooted Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon running MIUI

Have you tested it? So what do you think? Do not hesitate to leave comment in section below.

  • torokku

    Work great, but i can’t restore stock thememanager.apk. When replace by original thememanager.apk, it force close.

    How to get original thememanager back?

  • Madhur Mazumdar

    HEY, I replaced the Thememanager.apk to system/app/thememanager/ then I changed the permission.. After rebooting my Thememanager app is not showing anywhere… I tried to restore the original one but nothing happened…
    Please Help me…